The head of the White house Donald trump said that Moscow does not want his victory at the upcoming presidential election. He explained this “Russia’s position” that when the trump of NATO has increased military spending by European springboard, but Moscow wants to see a weaker Alliance.

Moscow wants the current head of the White house Donald trump lost in the upcoming November U.S. presidential election – said the American leader on air of TV channel Fox News.

He explained this “Russia’s position” that when the trump of NATO has increased military spending by European springboard, but Moscow wants to see a weaker Alliance.

“as for Russia, believe me, they want me to lose the election,” said trump.

However, the defeat trump in the election and want in the Democratic party – August 5, it became known that in the headquarters of the ex-Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden has allocated funds to the production of advertising, which criticized the actions of the head of the White house, aimed at combating the pandemic of a new type of coronavirus COVID-19.

Biden is the most likely rival trump in the November presidential race. The representative of the headquarters of Jan'Malley-Dillon said that total allocated $280 million it is reported by CNN.

He added that advertising will consist of rollers, in which Biden will appeal to the audience, looking directly into the camera. In the video the candidate in presidents of the United States will help, including calling the actions of the current head of the White house that are “unsuccessful”, according to the policy.

O'Malley-Dillon said that in the commercials also will consider issues of health and economic issues in poslegarantiynyy period. Commercials will be distributed in 15 U.S. States.

Moreover – two days earlier it became known that the rapper and producer Kanye West has confirmed the seriousness of his intention to participate in presidential elections in the United States this year, starting the collection of signatures in his support in Ohio.

Ohio has 16 U.S. electoral districts, it is considered to be the seventh state on this indicator in the country.

West signed a contract with the company “Let the voters decide” on the collection of signatures in his support in Ohio, West Virginia and Arkansas. In order to be registered, it is necessary to August 5 to collect 5 thousand signatures in Ohio. According to media reports, the state employs about 90 collecting signatures.

Of the three States where the collection of signatures West, Ohio is one of four States whose preferences for one candidate or another can change. It may be an important factor in the upcoming elections, which will be held in November. In 2016, trump won Ohio with a margin of only 5 thousand.

Experts and analysts point out that the West cannot win the election, but will be able to “pull” on the part of the goalosov. However, it is unknown which of the two major candidates will suffer as a result of their loss — trump or Biden.

While earlier, the U.S. accused Russia of meddling in the presidential election, which has not yet taken place. Speaker of the house of representatives of the us Congress Nancy Pelosi made this statement, referring to alleged evidence of us intelligence.

“We know that Russia is again interfering in our elections. The intelligence community told us that they continue the same behavior as in past elections,” — leads TASS words of Pelosi.

At the same time, she didn’t point to specific “evidence”, which was discussed.

In addition, it did not explain how Russia is interfering in the current U.S. presidential election.

Almost two years spectracolor Robert Mueller is investigating the case of “Russian interference” in the elections in 2016, the results of which were won by the trump. A team of specialists under the leadership of spectracolor tried to answer a few questions.

The first that interested the investigation whether there was collusion between trump and Moscow, the second — to intervene if Russian power in American elections and, finally, the third let whether US President-elect justice.

The final report Muller had answered only two questions. He admitted that between the American leader and Russia was not collusion. He also said the presence of “Russian interference” in the elections of the President of the United States.

On the third question, let Lee trump justice, Mueller was unable to give a definite answer. Spectracolor only listed the facts that could establish during the investigation, but he did not make legal conclusions.