In 45 Healthy Moscow pavilions located in city parks and squares, you can undergo an extended medical examination program, get vaccinated against COVID-19 and check your health after a coronavirus infection from August 9 this year. In the last almost four weeks, more than 50 percent of visitors have had additional examinations for those who have been ill with COVID-19.

If the results of medical examinations reveal any deviations or risk factors, the doctors of the city telemedicine center contact the patient. They report possible health problems, register citizens for further examinations and consultations with specialized specialists, and are also in touch before the diagnosis and the start of treatment.

The program of additional examinations for patients with COVID-19 includes spirometry (assessment of the functional state of the respiratory system), a biochemical blood test for seven indicators, a test with a six-minute walk (according to indications), determination of the concentration of D-dimer (coagulation index) in the blood (if indicated). In addition, if a visitor has not done a chest X-ray for a year, he will be given a referral for this procedure.

To make the examination in the Healthy Moscow pavilions faster, Muscovites can fill out a questionnaire in advance in the electronic medical card in the section “My medical examination in the park” on the portal or in the mobile application ” EMIAS.INFO”. It should be borne in mind that for medical examination in the park and health examination after a coronavirus infection, you need to fill out different questionnaires.

Healthy Moscow pavilions work without breaks and weekends from 08.00 to 20.00. Visitors must have a passport and a Moscow CHI policy with them.