In early July, it is planned to complete the landscaping of the yard on the street Zalessky near the Novosibirsk state medical University. The area of land which stretches from house number 5 to house number 7 on the street, medical personnel, more than 2.7 thousand square meters. The works are estimated at 4.25 million rubles.

the Main challenge in this case was the improvement of access roads. The fact that the house is a swimming pool, sports facilities and a kindergarten.

at least a large object yard between houses №153 and №153б on Red Avenue. Its comprehensive repair cost to the city budget of six million rubles.

– there were no sidewalks, no normal descent, and the gradient is quite steep. Now these works are made of: decorated entrance to the courtyard, paved road, repaired staircase. By the way, the renovation of stairs and retaining walls, we started with this year, thereby increasing the range of works on repair of intra quarter territories, told about the peculiarities of this project, Anatoly Elbow.

According to the Deputy of Council of deputies of a city of Novosibirsk Valery Naumenko, the yard at the Red Avenue has become an example of how to solve a problem joint efforts of the municipality and the deputies.

We always try to help our constituents in addressing important issues and I want people to understand: the outcome depends on their active positions, he said.

Recall that in 2020 on repair of intra quarter territories of Novosibirsk provided 420 million rubles from the regional budget (on the orders of voters deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the region) and city budget (under orders of voters deputies of Council of deputies).

Only in Novosibirsk it is planned to renovate 220 intra-territories.

– Due to weather conditions and the organization rate of work this year was much higher than normal. To date, the stage of acceptance is 121. Submissions will be accepted only after quality repair get the approval of residents – said the mayor.