More than 327 thousand Muscovites receive monthly useful products in milk-distributing points of the Moscow Department of health. This figure is comparable to the same period last year. In accordance with the approved regulations, dairy mixes, juices, purees and other foods getting pregnant women, nursing mothers, children under three years, children from large families, have not attained the age of seven, children with disabilities and children under 15 years with chronic disease. Most often, the food issued to children up to three years, it is the greatest preferential category of citizens — almost 56 percent of the total.

the dairy-distributing point, is not stopped and during the peak of the spread of coronavirus infection. Now healthy foods on the benefit you can obtain 251 dairy-distributing point of the health Department of the city of Moscow. Also planned to open two more points in Vnukovo and Sochi.

For children up to one year provided the adapted dairy mixes, fruit juices, vegetable and fruit purees, porridge. For children from one year to three years given milk, yogurt, cheese, fruit purees and juices.

the Recipe for getting free food is discharged in a children’s polyclinic or women’s consultation by the doctor. You must submit an application and minimum package of documents. You can also learn the address of the nearest milk-distributing point.

the Equipment of a milk-distribution points are updated regularly. 2019-2020 for the organization of the unit and comfort of the citizens has purchased 250 new scanners for the food and 310 of air conditioners (of which 145 are already installed in points). Now announced bids for the supply of new refrigeration equipment for food storage. Plans to equip items curtains.

Moscow has determined the winner of the tender for conclusion of the offset contract for the construction and modernisation of food production. The winning company 2022 for eight years to supply the city’s food for children and lactating women. The volume of investments into manufacture will make not less than 2.1 billion rubles.

the Benefits of this contract for the city — import substitution in important social spheres increase tax base, budgetary savings as a result of the competitive procedures reduces the price of the purchased product, and in the future and rates subsequent government contracts.

How to get the products at the dairy kitchen.