11 627 Muscovites signed up to participate in a special screening program for early diagnosis of the most common types of cancer during the first week of its work. Thus 4930 of them have already been tested. Get free diagnosis in 66 urban clinics until the end of August.

the diagnostics 3.2 percent of citizens sent for further examination.

the Program of early diagnostics of the most common types of cancer includes the most informative studies. Women over the age of 18 I propose to take the smear on Cytology to identify cervical disease women 18 to 39 years old — to undergo a breast ultrasound, women 40 years and older, a mammogram. Men from 45 years offering to donate a blood test for prostate-specific antigen. Women and men 40 years and older were invited to pass a stool for occult blood.

to Participate in the program are those who have the Moscow compulsory medical insurance policy. On the website you need to choose the clinic to which you are attached or located nearby. You must then call the telephone number and book an appointment. It is necessary to have the passport and the policy.

the Results will be available in the electronic medical record on the portal in the application “SYSTEM.INFO”. If further research was needed, the doctor will contact you and send you to for further diagnosis.

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In Moscow on the basis of the largest hospitals created six multidisciplinary cancer centers, the structure of which are the centers outpatient cancer care. Because of this people can pass examination, to receive specialized treatment and dispensary observation in the structure of the unified medical organization. As a result, reduces the amount of time on diagnostics and diagnosis, faster treatment begins. It plays a pivotal role in cancer.

in Addition, the capital became the first region in Russia, three years before the deadline moved to the new Federal guidelines for treatment. Since April 1 of last year the citizens have access to the most modern methods of treatment — targeted and immune therapy for the six types of cancer, which account for 80 percent of all cancers.