The Coronavirus is transmitted mainly by droplet infection. So far, the assumption that the pathogens are stuck in the large droplets was spinning out impregnating material, the people when coughing or Sneezing. These are up to a Millimeter in size, and fall by gravity in a distance of two meters to the ground. You land on surfaces, can be transmit the virus by smear infection when someone touches contaminated objects and the virus by Touching of the mouth, nose, or eyes, on mucous membranes to move on.

Now new research suggests that there is likely to be a further route of infection: The causative agent fly with the fine moisture mist, every person makes when Exhaling into the environment, through the air. The fact scientists showed for the first time in mid-March in a study that appeared in the “New England Journal of Medicine”. Exciting, but just no time?

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Sars-CoV-2-pathogens remain for up to three hours in the air

Accordingly, the virus from aerosol droplets in the inhaled air is transported, which are smaller than five microns. These can hover for up to three hours long through the air, the pathogen infectious to stay.

Now, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of the USA in a brand letter to the US government prior to this potential source of infection warns. “Current research is the possibility that Sars-CoV-2 could be due to Bioaerosols disseminated, resulting in the Exhalation of infected persons”, writes to the NAS-infection Loge Harvey Fineberg. Thus, the Virus could be transferred for example in conversations between people.

Although by the available test methods is still not clear whether the transferred quantities of Virus sufficient to infect the recipient. However, the Emergence of viral genetic material (RNA) in the aerosols, suggesting the possibility of such a contagion. < / h3> Reported corona virus cases in Germany (click on your state)

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we Must now, however, all of the protective masks?

in the Meantime, further investigation point in the same direction. So researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in rooms where Covid-19-patients were isolated, virus found RNA even on hard-to-reach surfaces, as well as in air samples, which were taken in more than two meters distance from the patient. “The fact that this RNA is found there, shows that the Virus is spread by aerosols,” says study lead author Joshua Santarpia. However, no complete virus could be found in the samples.

this mode of Transmission Is real, the result is a large Problem: people have to wear in Public protection masks to prevent contagion of face-to-face, but they are almost everywhere scarce. Corona-office hours: here you can Set your question to Covid-19

The number of Corona-ill people increases, the of the questions as well. FOCUS Online has therefore built up a network of experts and answer your questions.

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“I’m relieved that the Aerosol Transmission is now accepted”

An analysis by Chinese researchers shows a further possible infection path: In clinics In Wuhan, the former epicenter of the pandemic, they observed that the protective clothing of medical personnel can be a source of virus-Laden aerosols. If the helper move through contaminated areas, protective clothing or the floors clean, swirl them aerosols that contain viruses.

Also here is the conclusion of the study authors, this indicates the presence of viral RNA in droplets and aerosols on a possible Transfer of the pathogen on these Due to conclude. “I am relieved that the Aerosol will be accepted in Transfer now,” explains the chemist Kimberly Prather of the University of California, San Diego in the science portal “Science”. “This additional route of Transmission through the air helps to explain the rapid spread of the Virus.”

researchers are help hypothesis divided

How well protective masks, determined researchers at the University of Hong Kong. They collected respiratory droplets and aerosols from patients suffering from virus-induced respiratory disease. Some of the victims were wearing surgical face masks. As showed, reduced the number of viruses in the samples.

“Our result hints that such face masks to be worn by persons with symptoms of illness, can prevent the Transmission of Corona – and influenza viruses mechanically delivers,” explains study leader Nancy Leung. More to the Coronavirus

However, there are also critical voices to the Aerosol hypothesis. The world health organization (WHO) stated in an opinion by the end of March, that this mode of Transmission “under certain circumstances and in some situations, in which aerosols are formed, could be possible” – such as when critically ill patients are intubated for oxygen supply.

However, an analysis of over 75,000 Covid-19-cases in China has revealed no case with a Transmission through the air. In addition, viral RNA in environmental evidence samples, that a complete infectious virus which might be transferred. All the important messages to the Coronavirus in the FOCUS Online Newsletter. Subscribe now.

However, the research from the point of view of preventive health protection the Wearing of protective masks in Public, to arrange or to recommend, at least, urgently, even if the last detection of a risk of Infection by aerosols is still pending. The looks according to “Science” in the meantime, the US health authority CDC so. It is expected that you will submit to all US citizens Wearing such masks seriously close.

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