Film director Roland Emmerich’s latest disaster film, “Moonfall”, opened in theaters this weekend to disastrous reviews.

In its debut weekend, the movie, which stars Halle Berry as well as Patrick Wilson, made $10 million in domestic box office. Producing the movie cost $150 million, making it the most expensive box-office failure of the year.

Universal’s “The 355,” a January premiere, was also a failure with a $4million opening from a budget of $75 million. It has earned $23 million in worldwide sales since then.

“Moonfall”, which grossed $9.6 million its eighth weekend, narrowly beat “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” with $9.6 million. Its domestic total now stands at $748 million.

Emmerich is well-known for his big-budget action films, but his last hit was “2012” in 2009.

These are his five last movies. They cost him how much and earned how much at the box office. The “Stonewall” movie, which was critically criticized, is not included.

  • “Midway”, 2019 — $100 million budget, $17.9 Million opening; $56.8million domestic total; $127.4M global total

  • “Independence Day, Resurgence” (2016) — $165 Million Budget; $41 Million Opening; $103,000,000 Domestic Total; $390,000,000 Global Total

  • “White House Down” (2013) – $150 million budget, $24.8 million opening; $2005 million global total

  • “Anonymous (2011) — $30 Million Budget; $1 Million Opening; $4.5,000,000 Domestic Total; $15.4 Million Global Total

  • “2012” (2009) — $200 Million Budget; $65.2 Million Opening; $166.1,000,000 Domestic Total; $791.2,000,000 Global Total

“Moonfall”, which received mostly negative reviews, has a 40% Rotten Tomatoes critic score.

“While [Emmerich’s] 2012 was particularly intense in its passion for turning mass deaths into roller coaster thrill rides with two children in the backseat,” Nick Allen wrote for

This is the latest setback for Lionsgate Studios, which has been having little success at the box office in a period when everything other than horror movies and franchise tentpoles has struggled. According to Comscore, the studio was responsible for only 2.24% domestic box office revenue in 2021.

The rare movie that didn’t fall under either of these categories was however the most popular at the box office. Paramount’s “Jackass Forever,” a movie that cost $10 million, earned $23.5 million domestically. Each “Jackass movie” has been No. The film was No. 1 at the box-office.

With an 85% Rotten Tomatoes critic score, the movie received the highest reviews of the Jackass film franchise.

“Jackass Forever” is a gentler, kinder Jackass. But thankfully, it’s not more mature,” Bilge Ebiri wrote to Vulture.

These were the top 5 domestic movies that weekend at the box office:

  1. “Jackass Forever”, $23.5 Million

  2. “Moonfall,” $10 Million

  3. “Spider-Man: There’s No Way Home” — $9.6 Million

  4. “Scream” — $4.7 Million

  5. “Sing 2”, $4.2 Million