The Montenegrin authorities officially declared the end of the epidemic of coronavirus in the country. Thus, this Adriatic Republic became the first European government declared victory over COVID-19. And on the eve of Montenegro opened its borders for citizens of more than a hundred countries. For Russia, USA and some leading European countries this will be done after improving them in the epidemiological situation. The details of Podgorica — the correspondent of “Kommersant” in the Balkans Gennady Sysoev.About the end of the epidemic COVID-19 in the country announced on Tuesday evening, the national coordination centre of the Montenegrin government, responsible for combating coronavirus. The decision was taken after 28 days since the last identified in the country case of infection, as required by the rules of the world health organization (who). Only in Montenegro, where the epidemic was declared in March of 324 315 infected people recovered, and nine died. The who praised Montenegro for the progress in the fight against the coronavirus. However, the head of the local mission of this organization Mina Brajović said that “Montenegro emerged victorious in the first half of the fight COVID-19”, and reminded that the epidemic is still ongoing in the world.Montenegrin authorities come out of this, so, despite the proclaimed victory over the epidemic, a number of restrictions (e.g., mandatory wearing of masks in closed areas and prohibition of mass events) remains in force. Are the Montenegrins and the opening of borders.June 1, Montenegro has opened its borders and two airports — in the capital Podgorica and in the coastal Tivat. However, it is not for everyone. The Montenegrin Institute of public health has published a list of countries whose citizens can come to Montenegro without staying in quarantine and without passing tests for coronavirus. In the list of about 130 States. The Institute explained that in its drafting was guided by the recommendations of the EU, according to which in the country whence the tourists, the incidence of COVID-19 shall not exceed 25 persons per 100 thousand population.Missing in this and neighboring Serbia, where the incidence of COVID-19 while the highest in the region — more than 60 people per 100 thousand But in Serbia, the Montenegrin publication of the list caused a strong negative reaction. Her authorities had accused the neighbors that their decision was political in nature and discriminary Serbs.In the Montenegrin government, these accusations categorically deny. “The criterion for making the list solely medical. Once the epidemiological situation in Serbia and other countries that are not included yet in the list, will improve and will meet accepted standards of their citizens will be able to come to Montenegro without allcal tests and certificates. So the list will adjust, if necessary, daily,— explained “Kommersant” a source in the Montenegrin government.— The reasoning is about some kind of discrimination is absurd. On the contrary, we are interested in the speedy arrival of tourists from Serbia, Russia, and other countries, traditionally oriented to the Montenegrin tourism”.The first guests received a gift of traditional Montenegrin specialities — prosciutto (smoked or sun-dried ham) and olive oil. And the formalities, the guests admitted before the cameras, took them only a few minutes.Far more people crossed the checkpoint bozhay on the border with Albania — more than 2 thousand the first day. On receiving gifts-nothing was reported. In Montenegro drove mostly seasonal workers-Albanians who expect to catch up over almost three months of the epidemic.