Dogs and cats move their ears in the direction whence came the noise, to better hear. Man, as it turned out, is also capable of such “a feint ears”. Modern humans left in this muscle which is considered to be rudimentary.

German scientists from the University of the Saarland, said that conducted the study, with equipment for video recording of high voltage. During the experiment it became clear that people use of muscles, allowing wiggle his ears. The study also used the sensors of the electrocardiogram. With their help, it turned out that these muscles are functioning so that his ears turned towards the sound. However, we are talking about micro-movements, so have an open biological system, no practical sense.

Head of research Professor Daniel Strauss noticed that people still have a difficult rudimentary mechanism, which is now at least 25 million years.

the opening does have some merit. We can read the movements of these rudimentary muscle and to use the obtained data to improve hearing AIDS. So you can amplify those sounds that are trying to listen is the owner — quoted Strauss Planet Today.

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