Miraculous cure for coronavirus was banned in the USA

A US Federal court has imposed a temporary ban against a religious organization “Church of health and healing Genesis II” and their “miracle” drugs against coronavirus infection.

Management under the control over products and medicines USA (FDA) has recognized the tool, distributed by the activists of the deadly product.

it is Extremely important to the sellers of drugs comply with the law, did not sell products that involve risk to unsuspecting American consumers, offering its untested products to treat serious diseases such as COVID-19, said the American doctor, the Commissioner of food and drugs FDA Steven Khan on his Twitter page.

The fact that “miraculous” remedy COVID-19, based on the bleach (which contains chlorine dioxide). Prosecutors sent the civil complaint in the U.S. District court for the southern district of Florida. In the opinion of the experts stated that the facility, which distributes the “Church of health and healing Genesis II” contains a “potent bleach”. They also reported that the effectiveness of the tools in the fight against coronavirus infection are not clinically proven and has no scientific basis.

It is noted that “the Church of health and healing Genesis II” not legally registered as a religious organization, but its members carry the title “Bishop” or “Archbishop”. In addition, the use of “Miracle mineral solution” (MMS — Miracle Mineral Solution) is presented as a “mystery,” reports The Guardian.

“Miracle Mineral Solution” is an unapproved new drug and improperly labeled drug, which in combination with the included activator, the content of chlorine dioxide equivalent to industrial bleach, — told the newspaper Al Arabiya.

Earlier NEWS.ru wrote that the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov has acquired a blocker of viruses with chlorine dioxide. He told journalists that he bought the device on their own initiative, and not on the advice of a doctor. Later Dmitry Peskov said about the doubts in the efficiency of the device. He noted, however, that any adverse effects from wearing the device had not appeared. Then the press Secretary decided to abandon blocker virus, as it “scared that the device could be harmful.”