“the Child of an alien who resides permanently in the country, can obtain citizenship in a simplified manner, through certain procedural aspects”, – said the representative of the interior Ministry, adding that an average of about three thousand foreign citizens every year acquire the citizenship of the Republic of Belarus in a simplified manner. We are talking primarily about the “Russians, inhabitants of the States of the former Soviet Union and some countries of the far arc”, he added.

As previously reported, “UNION”, a simplified procedure of acquiring citizenship will provide to foreigners who get in the RB professional education. Moreover, the period within which the person must continuously reside in the country reduced from seven to five years.

in addition, the preferential order will benefit those who are in the country received a higher education and at least three years. It is assumed that the simplified procedure will apply to foreigners who are married to Belarusians for at least three years, have children who are citizens of Belarus.

Another innovation, according to Runner, for restoration of the citizenship in a simplified procedure, persons under 18 years of age, who returned to permanent residence in the Republic.

the Amendments also provide that the loss of citizenship shall be persons who have participated in terrorist or other extremist activities with causing of heavy harm to interests of Belarus. It is planned that this will apply only to those who have acquired citizenship of the Republic not by birth.

the list of grounds for refusal in the termination of the Belarusian citizenship. The authors of the bill believe that it should be applied not only to the accused but also to the suspects in criminal cases. According to the authors of the document, it will allow to exclude a situation when a person, being under investigation, takes on the denial of citizenship to avoid punishment.

the Deputies intend to consider these amendments in the first reading at the spring session, said the Agency.