the minister of Youth, Benjamin, It is going to be there for the time being in the summer camp of the youth organisations could be asked to the organizations, and churches in order to have a bit of patience. “We hope that they will be able to continue with it, but it is too early to make statements about it. We are asking organizations and churches in order to have any decision to make,” said CD&V prime minister on Monday, on Radio 1.

now, a Lot of organisers of summer camps, and youth organizations to question whether their planned camps this summer, and will be able to take it or not.

the minister of Youth, Benjamin, It is aware that the industry is crying out for clarity, but in order to have a bit of patience. Going to the CD&V prime minister that the camps will be able to continue. But we’ll have to wait for the opinion of virologists and are by the decision of the National Security council.

the Council

That un Security council will on Wednesday re-join. The current coronamaatregelen to be evaluated, and you will probably also be clearer about that in the summer, the revival (or continuation, and closure of the school, and the travel advice for the summer season, the lines for garden centres,…).

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Or is it Wednesday already bound to be in the camps, it is not yet certain. According to the minister, It calls on the youth is already quite a distinction to be made between the festivals and youth camps. “If you decided to take the festival to cancel it, this does not necessarily mean that the youth camps will not be able to continue,” said It.

no judgments

we are awaiting advice from the experts, ask It in the meantime, organizers of camps, and to the churches at this time no decisions are made. The CD&V prime minister would like to avoid a situation in which municipalities are on their own, are going to decide to contend to the commission. That is, according to him “chaos” to lead it.

now, It recognises that a lot of youth groups and organizations would be extremely difficult, even financially. According to him, the Flemish government has already taken measures to make the industry stand up and come in from the government for a bail-out fund, that should help with the loss of the youth sector, in part to compensate for the.

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