Festive online dedicated to 75-th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war, have created nine parks of the Moscow Department of culture. As said Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Mayor of Moscow, special events will hold Lianozovsky, Izmailovo, Vorontsovsky parks, the garden named after Bauman and others.

the Park place in social networks 8 may at 14:00 a video in which students of the Russian University of theatre arts (GITIS) read letters of war veterans. For example, you will hear the will of the son of captain Gabriel Maslovsky, who defended Leningrad in 1944.

Predlagaet to join the virtual literary evenings. Movies in which the staff read their favorite poems about the war, will publish on the pages of the garden in social networks 8 and 9 may at 20:00. The audience will hear, for example, an excerpt from the poem by Robert Rozhdestvensky’s “Requiem” and a poem by Rasul Gamzatov “Cranes”.

Sokolniki Park invites to themed online-a tour of his territory. Head of Department of Museum-educational work Natalia Makarova will tell how the Park was used during the great Patriotic war. For example, participants learn what part of the “Sokolniki” worked the machine-gun shooting range for firearms training soldiers and serving as aviation hospital, Moscow air defence front. The tour will be available on the pages of the Park on social networks 8 may at 14:00.

in addition, the Park offers Muscovites, who still have photos of the rest area of the war years and whose relatives were involved in the operation of the Park at that time, to publish pictures and stories on their pages in social networks “Instagram”, “contact” and “Facebook” and add the hashtag #wendysucronii. This can be done now, and the most interesting posts will be placed in the “Sokolniki” on 9 may at 16:00.

a Virtual walk I. organizes the Tour will publish on its pages in social networks may 9 at 12:00. Tourists in the company of a guide tour will visit the memorial complex “Courage”, you will see a stele erected in memory of the feat Natalia Kachuevskaya, and also learn that in the war the Park housed a special school for training intelligence and sabotage group.

At pages Park, they launched the online project “Memory of heroes”. Daily at 17:00 here published videos in which relatives of the veterans whose names are immortalized on the walk of Fame, tell of the exploits of their heroes and show a number of photographs from the family archive.

Lianozovsky Park invites you to watch the video “Always in our hearts”. It is assembled from successive 50 black-and-white portraits of participants of the great Patriotic war and workers of tyla. Under each you can read a short biography. Photo gallery gathered in the framework of the project “Vernissage of Victory.” For six weeks the residents of the district Lianozovo sent to e-mail the Park photos and stories of their relatives who lived during the war. The video will publish on the pages of Lianozovsky Park of social networks 8 may at 11:00.

While the Park may 9 at 12:00 offers members a glimpse of the Great Patriotic war through the eyes of photographers. Users will see pictures of the destroyed cities, portraits of soldiers, scenes from the daily lives of workers and much more. View the virtual exhibition on the Park pages on social networks.

— Lianozovsky Park;

— Izmaylovskiy Park;

the Park “Sokolniki”;

a garden “the Hermitage”;

Vorontsovsky Park;

Park “Northern Tushino”;

Park “Khodynka field”;

Cooper Park

a garden named after N. Uh. Bauman;

the Park “Krasnaya Presnya”.

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the 75-th anniversary of the Victory Over launched several online projects. On pages in social networks “Instagram”, “Facebook” and “In contact” 8 and may 10 everyone will be able to listen to poems and stories about war, which in the framework of the project “Strings of Victory” read by stars of sport and television. And the participants of the project “Park stichopodidae: children of Victory” reciting a poem by Robert Rozhdestvensky, Konstantin Simonov and Alexander Tvardovsky, Ivan Vashchenko and other poets in wartime. Videos are published daily on social networks Moorpark.

by the decree of the President of Russia to 2020 has been declared the Year of memory and glory. In honor of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war in Moscow has produced dozens of memorable online events. At ENEA digitized materials dedicated to the war and Victory Day. May 9 free more than 700 new documents. All materials will be on the website library of the Museum of the Soviet era.

the State historical Museum has prepared an online project devoted to the achievement of the Museum’s staff during the war. In the project there was a place the memories and stories of salvation, the unique cultural monuments. Here he collected the diaries and letters from the evacuation and from the front.

Its online program in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory also provided the capital library and cultural center.