the other day we had this whole row, my friend Pie and I are. I found, you put yourself to unnecessary risks, by helping to many people, offered many courses and trips are done to a lot of small-care services, where it is part of itself to the Vulnerable.

It is a natural, apparently, the law that give the most, the fighting itself to Survive, be it financially, emotionally or health-wise. Maybe you have to have a helplessness experienced to make, of course, help.

“And if you to infect you?”, I whined.

“That’s not the question here,” she answered strictly. “The only question we can ask ourselves now is: What I have to offer?”

While I processed the still, called a different friend. You worried excessive about all the swimming pools were closed in the area. “This can’t be!” she cried out again and again. “How am I supposed to do without a Swim? I need this!”

“What you need is not the question here,” I said impatiently. “The question is, what have you got to offer.”

And as long as that’s just Nagging, you don’t have to call me that. I said, of course. And I also climbed very quickly from my high horse down, because the next logical question was: “And what have you got to offer, Moser? Hmmm?” My core competency, of telling stories, is not of particular Benefit. Victor’s maximum risk, it makes me not easy, running errands for others. I will not leave the house only if it is different. Clearly, I offer the people with Asthma and the over 90-Year-old in my environment, for you with shopping and medication pick up. It’s better than nothing, but not much. So what I have to offer?

Suddenly I remembered an afternoon a long time ago, in another life, in practice, a Ehetherapeutin. She had asked us all to write down what we appreciated ourselves. And I could not. It occurred to me, with the best will nothing. At the same time I was not aware that that was normal. Not healthy could be. To like nothing at all in itself. This has changed meanwhile. Fortunately. But now I thought back to the Moment in which I, the concerned therapist showed my sheet to see a sentence: “I’m a good friend.” Shame flooded me like molten Lava, I called back the prevented swimmer and apologized. “How are you really? Tell me.” And she told. She suffers from arthritis, I knew not but that she had become in the last few years addicted to painkillers. Although she took the medication strictly according to prescription. The Doctors prescribe too much here that is known. She told of how hard you fought this addiction and how much her Swimming had helped. “I’m glad you called. I was about to ask my doctor for a new prescription.”

“I’m glad,” I murmured.

What you have to offer, Moser? A man should be. A start would be …