life is simple. Also, if it feels so. Even if the Virus dominates our Thinking and Feeling, our everyday life is determined. However, even in these confusing times you fall in love, it goes on the nerves, it separates you. You have children, you pay bills, you from slipping in the shower. You will unexpectedly get a call from an old school friend, or you catch a cold.

Since two days I have a fever – not high. I cough – not strong. Until this column appears, the spook probably already over. I’m already too long in the quarantine to have to provide me with the Coronavirus infected. I was always careful. But, can pandemic a cold one even during. And for Victor, a cold can be dangerous. I’ve already experienced twice, that he ended up with pneumonia in the emergency, as around him all the coughing. So I’m now in the quarantine in the quarantine gone. I eingeigelt in the guest room and negotiate with the gods. “Please don’t,” I say. As if by a huge, unexpected miracle, it’s Victor, namely, amazingly good. He is recovering from his various surgeries and complications, his heart is beating regularly, he feels “as good as the last time in the nineties!”. Since his last visit in case of emergency more than three weeks have passed, and he still shows no symptoms of infection with Corona. And to get all of that just to me to a cold attached? A cold that can’t fend off his suppressed immune system? “You can’t do this”, I beg the powers of Fate, for the sake of safety in the majority. “That’s not fair!” That is not an Argument, I know, of course. Fair or not, life does not stand still, life goes on. Am I the Only one that will be forfeited in its negotiations with the fate of these childish Quengelton? There are only three prayers, I read somewhere once: Please, thank you, and wow! “Please,” begging me. Or “please don’t!”.

And then another reminds me of something. Our fridge is well filled, the medication drawer also. But it will probably come sooner or later, the Moment I have to think of something. “Why do you go shopping for others?”, I was asked already. “Actually, you should have your shopping now someone for you!” Several readers have informed me after my last column that it is beautiful and good to offer help, but you must be able to accept this help also. And oh what I’ve felt caught in the act! To be able to accept help, let alone ask for help is about the Hardest thing I can imagine. This is me, not for the first Time consciously. And I think for the first Time about why this is for me so hard. Now, with the exception of situations like this, in any case, great teachers are masters.

for safety’s sake I look to see the ceiling again up to the room where I have the powers of Fate suspect. “Yes, well,” I say. “I got it.”