time. More Time. Without exception, everyone I know, and I’ll be there with, wanted the same thing. How many times have I heard how many times I’ve said it yourself: “If only I had more time for me! Oh, I wish I could spend more time with my family. I’m never home. Constantly on the go, here, there. This Hustle all the time. Everything is left behind. My calendar is open until the end of 2023 full of appointments. I dream of an empty Agenda. I dream of my bed. Sleep! Dream! Doing nothing! I would like to change projects again, just nothing. I would like to be bored! I’m telling you, if I had more time, I would paint my bathroom new, bright green or turquoise. If I had time, I would write a book … What? Hey, no! Hello! So I’m not meant to be!”

caution in your choice.

The luxury of thoughts. You can do only if you have a home in the you would theoretically like to spend more time, but not on command. A family that you love more than anything and goes a but mercilessly on the nerves – and anyway, one bathroom for five people. What were we thinking? You also have to have a Job, you can now fear, an income that now goes bachab. That’s not all of course. Not all and not everywhere. Even our Fears are, in fact, a privilege, because to have fear is to lose something. No more to lose, is not the Definition of freedom, sorry, Janis Joplin, because I agree. No more to lose, is the end of hope.

This is me very aware of it. And this awareness keeps my own bouts of panic and despair in amazing budget limits. “Earlier you were upset because much less is much more,” stated my son recently.

Hm. I was silent for a Moment surprised, and thought. “Right,” I said then. Earlier, the challenges of daily life, the other is zero effort seemed ready to drive me regularly to despair. And now, while around me, the nerves are blank, I stay relatively calm. Under this pressure, I function quite well. Maybe it’s because I was allowed to practice the Survival of the losses already? Because I was living with a seriously ill, but terminally cheerful man has taught, that the happiness unfolds often in the depths of lights, in free fall? Because I’ve given up on that already, something to control?

Or it is about the fact that even an unofficial world Feel champion in the-guilty-(I) may not take this pandemic personally? What’s happening now, in the Small as in the Large, has nothing to do with me. It just happens. It is beyond my control. The energy I would have wasted previously trying rip me and ask, I have more sense today. Which is exactly what I’ve always wanted to. But hey, Hello! No! So I’m not meant to be!