In the Moscow metro began to operate the train in a mask. It can be found on the circle line.

May 12, in Moscow became the compulsory wearing of masks and gloves in public transport and in shops and shopping malls.

Wear protective mask and gloves must be in public transport, including suburban trains and trains of the Moscow Central diameters (IDC) and also in a taxi. Requirements do not apply to travel by private car.

For the violation of this precept the residents of the capital face a fine. Such measures have become a standard in international experience of confrontation COVID-19.

It was reported that sales of masks and gloves was running on all stations Mesmero. The head of Department Maxim Liksutov said that currently running 966 points of sales.

In connection with the situation with the spread of the coronavirus in Moscow extended the regime of universal isolation and all related restrictions until may 31. However, the city authorities adopted a decision on the first phase of easing may 12: from this point you can return on the industry and construction.