Apple is making its new parental controls features, which include nude photo alerts, available on iPhone, iPad

Initially, however, only users of the beta test versions of the new operating systems for iPhone, iPad and Mac computers made available to developers on Wednesday can access them. They should not be usable for everyone until autumn.

The nude photo detection only works in Apple’s chat app Messages and must first be activated by the parents. If young people then receive a nude photo, it is first made unrecognizable and they are asked if they actually want to look at it.

The options offered include contacting the parents and blocking the contact who took the photo. A warning message also appears when you try to send a nude photo.

Apple emphasizes that nudity in the photos is only recognized by the software on the device, that the end-to-end encryption of the content is retained and that the company does not have access to it. Apple also doesn’t know when software identifies a nude photo on a device.