From 1. April is the Megxit – the voluntary exit of the British Royal family. These are said to have wanted Prince Harry (35) and his wife Duchess Meghan (38) desires. The withdrawal from the Royal life means many Changes for the couple Sussex. VIEW answers the most important questions.

you Will see Harry and Meghan to the public?

From April to Prince Harry and the Duchess Meghan dispense with the salutation “your Royal Highness” and no official duties for the Royal house. The Couple no longer lives in England, where it was previously often the case at public occasions. Harry and Meghan are first moved to Canada, and Recently to California. The extent to which they occur in the Public, it is so far unclear.

What is the new career of the Ex-Royals is?

Unemployed Harry and Meghan will not be. Long has been rumored about a possible cooperation of Duchess Meghan, and Disney – well, it’s official. Meghan borrows disney nature of your voice. This is the first Job of the Ex-Royals, is known. In addition, the Couple wants to start a Foundation – but it has to be non-profit. Prince Harry will continue with, for example, he founded the Invictus Games.

After their departure Harry and Meghan are not allowed to use their brand name “Sussex Royal”. This means that you may not make money with any products under this name. You don’t have to forgo the Instagram account (11.3 million Followers) with the name.

Why did Harry and Meghan the Megxit?

The Couple wanted, according to his own statement, for financial independence. First of all, they wanted to disavow only financially by the British Royal house and yet tasks and royale duties and exercise. This desire, however, was rejected. In consequence, Harry and Meghan agreed with the Royal house, then a clear break.

One of the reasons why Meghan and Harry for independence is that they were constantly in the spotlight. The Couple does not want, that your child is, the ten-month-old Archie, growing up in the Public eye.

Is it possible to make the Megxit undo?

Yes. Queen Elizabeth (93) has left to her grandson Prince Harry – and his wife – a back door is open. In one year, it shall be examined whether the Megxit for all is satisfactory. Nobility expert Anika helmet, however, does not matter how you explained this: “It would have to pass a major disaster, so that he and the Duchess Meghan to resume her duties again.”

What happens with the Royal titles of the two?

Prince Harry and the Duchess Meghan may the title of Royal Highness (dt. Royal Highness) not in public use. But the name is not known, however. The Prince and Duchess, you may call, however, continue. On the eight-month-old Archie, the Changes have no impact. He has to get the title is never awarded.

you Remain part of the Royal family?

Yes, the Pair appears only as “working members of the Royal Family”. The Queen said in a Statement: “Harry, Meghan, and Archie will always be a beloved part of my family.” To Royal events such as the birthday parade of the Queen, the two, however, from the head of the family will be invited explicitly.

to Change the succession to the throne?

no, a Change in the succession to the throne would need a decision of the British Parliament, because this is regulated by law. Harry is still on the sixth place behind the children of his brother William (37). To him, Archie follows.

Who does the security cost?

It is one of the biggest discussion points of the Megxits. So said US President Donald Trump (73) just a few days ago: “The United States will not have to pay for their security costs. You have to pay!” That seems at the moment to arrive. A spokesman for the pair said earlier this week, once again, to the safety measures in place to Express to. The US media was leaked but now that the two should pay for it yourself. As a former soldier of the Special Air Service Meghan and Harry are supposed to protect.