Meet with me Samoilova about life after divorce

Oksana Samoilov openly told about life after her breakup with Geegun. The post she has published on his page in Instagram.

The model said she has managed to learn how to be a mom, wife, sister, daughter. Now is time to get acquainted with you.


Now I meet them )what I am a Mother I have known for 8 years I was a wife I also know what I the head that I am a daughter to her parents,what kind of sister for her brothers,and I also understand )and who I’m not in the cycle of chores,children,work and worries I might not even remember))I was sitting here, trying to feel what I like,that I wonder what draws me ,what touches my heart )it’s not about the fact that my old life was not to my liking,no,I was blissed out with all that done ,but now we can free up space and time for deep soul searching)in a relationship you always have to consider the feelings and interests of his partner(well on the edge of it as because I have and I will do the same in the future and I think it is extremely correct). now I can do what I want)what a strange and long forgotten feeling ) I’m not depressed and not drunk)of course I don’t own …but I like to re-enter this world.a world where I am an adult,self-sufficient and free?

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— Here I sit now trying to get a feel for what I like, that I wonder what draws me, what touches my heart, — she wrote.

The model said she always received pleasure from his life. But now she had time for “deep soul searching”.

— I’m not depressed and not drunk. Of course, I don’t myself, but I like to re-enter this world. A world where I am an adult, self-sufficient and free, — concluded Samoilov.

Recall that in late February at Djigan and Samoilova was born a long-awaited son of David. After some time the contractor was in rehab and had a few drunken antics live in Instagram.

After that in mass-media there were rumors of a rift in the family. And only a few days later the model for the first time reacted to them. Samoilov even went to a psychologist because of the divorce.