Medvedev hopes that the courts will recognize pandemic as a force majeure

MOSCOW, April 15. /TASS/. Chairman of “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev hopes that in the jurisprudence of the coronavirus pandemic in Russia will be recognized as force majeure. This opinion he expressed at the online meeting with businesses to provide assistance to citizens in connection with the epidemic COVID-19.

“Listen, I’m legal issues my whole life. If not a pandemic, then what is irresistible force? Usually it is always natural phenomenon and acts of power. In this case, both,” — said Medvedev. He noted that the concept of “force majeure” within the country before the courts almost never used, “although what is force majeure know everything.”

“In all contracts these circumstances are listed. De facto this economic value they almost never received, especially in the country. When international contracts, foreign trade contracts [are concluded], where it is often used,” — said the Chairman of “United Russia”.

He added that he considered it necessary to hold consultations on this issue. “Here I am and as Deputy Chairman of the Security Council would like to see the practice of law. Including trial application of the force majeure circumstances”, — said Medvedev.

He expects that these issues will connect and Commercial industrial chamber, because “in some cases, will have to go through the courts.” According to him, the emerging jurisprudence must be favorable for business, “that there were no failures, no, it’s not an unstoppable force”.