Recall that in the last couple of weeks North Korea has made a number of tough statements and threats against South Korea, a pretext for what became the South Korean activists launch leaflets into North Korea. Although the government of South reacted promptly, starting to interfere with the start of the leaflets, but the North still continued to escalate tensions by blowing built on the money of the South, inter-Korean liaison office in Kaesong. The North also threatened the South different military actions, including the deployment of troops and weapons on the border and so on. While in the South comprehended this attack, the North suddenly changed tactics. Kim Jong-UN said that he was ordered to postpone the implementation of the military plan that he was offered the army of the DPRK, in the media of the North was less criticism of the South, North Korea also removed the speakers, which just a few days ago set up along the border.

South Korean experts still speculated that the DPRK made first on the level ground to create tension and then go back down. One version – the actions of China.

As noted by Korean broadcasting channel SBS in South Korea, during the midst of threats from North Korea on 16-17 June in Hawaii held talks with high-ranking representatives of the USA and China, where they discussed the current situation on the Korean Peninsula. At the same time in Washington came the representative of the government of South Korea To Hong, who is also with the Americans exchanged views on the situation in the region. 24 Jun media of the DPRK stated that Kim Jong-UN has ordered to defer their military plan.

According to the TV channel, most likely China during this time were able to communicate with North Korea and persuaded her to abandon further provocative actions. It is possible that in the course of consultations in the formats of the U.S.-China and U.S.-South Korea has developed a plan for the provision of aid to North Korea.

it is possible that China, which is extremely does not want to see tensions on its borders, also had to be encouraged DPRK to intensify assistance to Pyongyang. In recent days there have been reports that after a long break at the Chinese-North Korean border again began to actively drive the trucks with goods. Since the foreign trade of the DPRK more than 90 percent connected with China, that Pyongyang was quite able to listen to the requests of Beijing, especially if the Chinese side promised to somehow help.

in Fairness, it should be noted that this “Chinese version” is being discussed in the South Korean media on the level of speculation, and yet is supported by only circumstantial evidence that can be interpreted otherwise.