the lyrical-realist statements of Alexander Moiseevich Volodin from the “Notes of the drunk person”: “well, once you know that you’re a man of the past. Friends think they know you and they actually remember you. Women of the past beautiful trees past the… Be the last man in old age – late, when nothing of the present, the past will not help. But now that you can still live in the present, it would be nice not to depend on him. And from the past to depend on. As I remember it and remember…”

Volodinskaya the story “the Portrait with a rain” the modern Russian theater recalls infrequently – in contrast, for example, have already become a canonical form of “Five evenings”. Before becoming the play at the Maly drama theatre, the manuscript of the screenplay Volodina lay on the table Lev Abramovich Dodin more than thirty years. Reviews about this chamber staging of Lev Dodin after the premiere was the most grateful and thankful.

Ekaterina Pavlyuchenko: “the mood, the feeling of the play at the Maly drama happened one hundred percent hit the tone of the playwright. So few people manage to pass the veil of his lyrics…”

Elena Gerusova: “Thin and bitter volodinskaya melodrama in MDT tell as a poetic ballad, and even in the style of pure theatrical minimalism of the seventies. In his dialogues the characters easily and naturally go on reading volodinskaya poems included in the fabric of the narrative… In this performance is the accurate and acute observation of man and nature, but there is no charge to the society or to the Soviet system. All the hard and cruel it seemed to have been washed away by rain and time, the rain really poured on the scene from under the grate… Dolinski “the Portrait with a rain” is a series of great acting belcrant…”

starring – Tatyana Shestakova, Sergei Kuryshev Natalya Akimova, Sergey Vlasov, Oleg Ryazantsev, Catherine Kleopina, Alexei Morozov, Polina Prikhodko, Elena Kalinina, Natalia Kalinina, Ekaterina Reshetnikova, Alexander Koshkarev and Anatoly Kolebanov.

the Beginning of the broadcast on the theatre’s website on 30 April at 19:00. And the whole day on the channel MDT.