a Series of actor’s readings of the works of Chekhov, Bunin, Pushkin, was decorated last month for a new theatrical reality will be supplemented with stories of O. Henry, United in healing block for a “soul mate”: only stories, full of kindness, humor, poetry and love. And new theatrical rhythm: day – MDT play online, day – walk in the Network with the actors of the Maly drama on the “Dark alleys” Bunin, or through the pages of an early Chekhov’s short stories, or your favorite Onegin, the stanzas will be as life-saving vaccine for the soul. And make you forget about what is beyond the virtual walls of the theater we almost watched the Apocalypse in real time.

It is possible to diagnose with categorical medical accuracy of everything that in these days of the Internet by drama theatres falls, is one of the most thoughtful, three-dimensional, artistically valuable, self-sufficient, without any discounts on the specificity of the broadcasting, and high-quality theatrical programs prepared and presented to the St. Petersburg Maly drama theater.

Lee said the former successful experience of the real route of the tour throws when the Maly drama theatre – Theatre of Europe just after the city of Kirishi in the Leningrad region flew to Paris and then Lyon went to Cherepovets, and the geography of the Internet today developed as a proposed circumstance, which was necessary too, to make related habitat. Despite the seemingly unnatural phenomena such as theatre on the computer monitor.

a recent virtual event – a Grand cycle “Reflections” performances of MDT, which mean so much in the history of not only a single theatre in the country. As renewed by the legendary “Brothers and sisters” by Lev Dodin Fyodor Abramov, the play became not just a consummate theatrical era as a measure of people’s truth, the reference to this day. As the worlds of Dostoevsky and Platonov, in which Dodin led him in “Demons” and “Chevengur”. His “Moscow choir” by Petrushevskaya, Shakespeare’s “King Lear”, or “Long day’s journey into night” by Eugene O’neill, reconstructed the way people lived where the ocean and the vastness of, and able to see beyond its horizon.

From the upcoming unique programs – “Memories and reflections” from the archives of the theatre. “We’ll make up stories related actors who work and worked in our theater. Will be transfer to the memory of Nikolai Lavrov, our wonderful artist, the memory of Oleg Dmitriev, our wonderful artist and Director, and so on and so forth… We will show the open lesson of the course, which begat the play “Life and Fate”. Show and other meetings, the conversations that you just would not have heard if not for the circumstances,” explained Leo Dodi��.

As a continuation of the cycle “From five and up without end!”, interesting, smallest, and most adults – when zero o’clock the actors read good prose and great poems by contemporary children’s writers. As a bonus to loyal fans of conversation that Dina Dodin conducts with the artists of the theatre.

And as the main gift, for drama precious, the birthday of Lev Abramovich Dodin – four hours in his company at the four-part film Anatoly smeliansky, “the Author of the Theatre”. When in the company of two geniuses – directing and theatre studies – you will touch the secret theatre: how to create a completely different world. To experience transfer from one state to another and knock themselves out of familiar, everyday health. To suddenly be open to new opportunities… PS

Stream the first two series of the film Anatoly smeliansky, “the Author of the Theater. Lev Dodin” will take place in birthday of the Director, may 14 at 20.00. The first series of “Brothers and sisters” – on his eponymous show, has become a kind of Manifesto of the new theatre. It will also focus on the fate of the “Contemporary” and about Oleg Efremov, with whom Lev Dodin was closely associated in the early 1980-ies. The second series of “Superpowers” is about the Platonic “Chevengur”, one of the most important performances of Lev Dodin; how is born the idea of the new theatre, as it becomes a daily practice, what it takes to maintain and develop. The Director says about the narrowness of the usual definitions of “psychological school”, “psychological theater” and preaches the theatre “super abilities”. The heroes of the program – Innokenty Smoktunovsky and Oleg Borisov, with the art which involve the highest achievements of the directorship of Lev Dodin.

the Sequel to the documentary film show on 16 may at 20.00.

In the third series of “Kantylena” teacher and colleague Dodin, Valery Galendeev tells about his school and the secrets of directing. Lev Abramovich himself remembers their teachers Matvei Dubrovin Boris and Area. Special attention is given to the paradoxical abilities of the actors Dolinskogo theatre to play their roles for many years and even decades.

In the fourth series of “Last of the Mohicans” Dodin says about those who influenced and shaped him not only as a theatre, but as a man – about Fedor Abramov, Andrei Sakharov, David Borovsky. Recalls the years of his apprenticeship in Leningrad TYuZe times Zinovy Korogodsky, “His people – are numbered,” a major show of that time, and also presents the play “the Cherry orchard”.