“At the moment 36 thousand loans issued, correspondent agreements were signed in 88 billion rubles,” – said in the report published on the government website.

According to Maxim Reshetnikov, support of subjects of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of affected branches became important. Only in may was supported by more than 3.5 million jobs in this sector. Grants received about one million SMEs.

the Minister noted that adopted a large package of measures to support business that covers a variety of areas. These measures related to the provision of deferred taxes and insurance premiums and the write-off of taxes and insurance premiums for the second quarter. It also includes steps to lower premiums for all SMEs from 30 to 15%.

Among the support measures – benefits to renting a property. 34, has already signed thousands of agreements for deferred payments in respect of Federal, regional and municipal property. Simultaneously, resolved the issues associated with the provision of installment for firms in the affected industries in the private sector. Now the landlord is obliged to provide deferred to the period when shopping malls were not working, for companies from the affected sectors.

Also expanded the region’s ability to support the business. For this purpose the regions established guarantee institutions and microfinance institutions. “This year, 14 billion roubles allocated to the regions for this purpose. Including not long ago the decision was made for recapitalization of microfinance institutions 12 billion To date, 100% of the funds transferred to the regions, and of the 12 billion that the last tranche went, 4.7 billion already listed in microfinance organizations”, – said Maxim Reshetnikov.

in addition, the business provides state support for the purchase of personal protective equipment. Allocated 20 billion roubles, thus will be supported 1.5 million jobs. “We expect that this will also be an important step to ensure that entrepreneurs faster resumed its activities and, accordingly, as soon as possible brought a demand for labor,” – said Reshetnikov.

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