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Mayor Bert Maertens N-VA) apologizes to the police after that (last week, it happened in the street. “It may have been that I was working in in doubt, pull out. Are you ready to have the wrinkles ironed out of this.”

On Saturday, march 21 were quite a few of the residents of the Voetbalstraat in-Eine, the street, and brought in a dj for some uplifting music in the foreign coronatijden. Also, mayor Bert Maertens N-VA), who lived, was there. A neighbor called the police and the ‘street’ was shut down. In the days following the incident and held the police to a couple of protests against the mayor. This is what they wanted to show how angry they will be after the lord mayor’s ‘street party’ had, in spite of the samenscholingsverbod that, for the present. Monday afternoon the mayor, along with the police and the trade unions, in order for the incident to be discussed. “I would like to apologize for the fact that I had been to the event, “a fart in a bottle,” I called. It came across as if I am in the job of the police is in doubt pull it out. This is certainly not the case at all. I have scissors for me to be behind the findings of the police investigation. In this coronatijden make sure to do an excellent job.”

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On this particular evening, had been the mayor for a meeting with the officers who are on-the-spot came in. I also have to apologise if the communication is a discussion that is about to come. I will put these people in contact and try to keep the folds smooth out.” The Izegemse the mayor hopes that the negotiations on Monday afternoon, an important first step is to come in the future to go back to a good relationship with the police. “I didn’t feel that it is important that the public’s trust as quickly as possible to be able to go back to be repaired. The trade unions are open to it.”

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