May remain in the lungs immunologist about the implications of the coronavirus

The doctor the allergist-immunologist Vladimir Prokopenko said that the coronavirus can remain in the human body even after recovery. It is reported by radio Sputnik.

According to Prokopenko, the healing is confirmed by the analyses from the nasopharynx, but may not be sufficient.

“the Virus could escape from the nasopharynx and remain in the lungs or even in some organs as is the case with other viruses,” he said.

According to the physician, find out whether the virus remains in the body, will only be six months or a year.

At the same time, he noted that the remaining in the human body, viruses are not always dangerous.

“They may be viruses that live in body and do not bring disease, as many other viruses that cause SARS”, he concluded.

As reported by “the Rambler”, earlier researchers from the medical center, Guangzhou, watched the children with coronavirus and found that even after a “clean” swabs from their nasal, analyses of the faeces of children continued to show the presence of the virus.

In one case, the test of the feces of the child were tested positive for the coronavirus in 13 days after a negative analysis from the nasopharynx and discharge from the hospital.