Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that since may 12, removed restrictions on all industrial and construction enterprises. He also said that after the may holidays, the isolation regime in Moscow will not diminish. “You have to understand that the regime of isolation is not weakened, on the contrary, we must clearly follow it, in order to give the opportunity to work a greater number of enterprises. And work in the enterprises must be clearly governed by the guidelines, which are now prescribed by the sanitary authorities,” he said at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin. The President approved the resumption of the work of industrial enterprises in the capital. “I support and believe that the plans to open a significant number of businesses, particularly in industry and construction, justified completely,” he said at a meeting with governors and Ministers. The output of isolation for services in Moscow Sergei Sobyanin called premature. According to him, the opening of the enterprises of sphere of services — where citizens come into contact with each other (beauty salons, hairdresser, trade), it could trigger a rise in the number of infections. “While the situation that we observe does not allow disclosure of the services sector, household and so on,” he said. Moscow is the leader among other Russian regions by the number of infected. According to recent reports, the capital of 85 thousand confirmed cases of infection, 866 people died. The mayor said stabilization of the situation with the infected, carrying the disease in a severe form. “For two weeks we are not growing hospitalization of critically ill patients that require space in the hospital. It (the number of hospitalizations.—“B”) is approximately on the same level,” he said. We will remind, in Russia a regime of restrictions was extended until the end of may holidays. The heads of the regions were instructed to develop a plan of exit of entities from the regime of restrictions, based on local epidemiological situation. According to “Kommersant”, may 12, in Moscow can be introduced the compulsory wearing of masks in public places.On the situation in the capital — in the material “Kommersant” “In Moscow wears a mask”.