Couric’s comments about the lifestyle expert in her memoir “Going There” got many talking.

Martha Stewart wants to clarify her sense of humor that has been under scrutiny in recent weeks.

Katie Couric, former TODAY anchor wrote in her memoir “Going There” that Martha Stewart was a “very funny” comment. The 64-year old journalist said at one point that Martha had to learn a sense for humor over a period of time and it took her a few years.

Stewart was asked by viewers what she thought of Couric’s comments during a appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” on Thursday. The 80-year old let the comments be bygones, rather than condemning them.

“You know, Katie is an old friend, and old friends can tell anything they damne well please,” she replied before adding, “And i still wrote to you and said, ‘What’s the matter?'”

Andy Cohen, the show’s host, asked a follow up question to the lifestyle expert: “Do you believe that you didn’t have a sense for humor before you left?”

Stewart responded, “I’ve always had an innate sense of humor”

Cohen asked Stewart if she believed people don’t realise she’s funny. Stewart responded, “No. I don’t think people know me well enough so they can tell if I have one or not. But I have always had a great sense humor.”

Stewart and Couric appear to still be friends, despite this comment. Stewart actually said that she wasn’t mad at Couric, and told Cohen, “Not worth the risk.” “Life is too short.”

Stewart spent five months in a minimum security federal prison in West Virginia between 2004 and 2005 after lying to investigators regarding the sale of a stock. On her 2017 podcast, she spoke out about her experiences in prison and shared her thoughts with Couric. She called it a “horrifying” experience.

Stewart stated, “It was horrifying. And no one — not one — should have that kind of indignity. Really, except for murderers and a few other categories.” Stewart said, “But that shouldn’t be the case. It is a terrible thing.

Couric was also informed by her that prison wasn’t a “growth experience”.

“That you can make lemonade out of lemonade.” She said, “What hurts you makes it stronger.” “No. None of these adages are applicable. It is a terrible experience. It has nothing good about it.

Couric joined Savannah Guthrie on TODAY in October to discuss her memoir. She also discussed her relationship with former colleagues including late broadcaster Larry King, and Les Moonves, former CBS CEO.

Couric stated, “I wanted to share the messy parts of real life,” “I believe you see all sides and my truth. That’s what I like. It’s a kind of emotional rollercoaster.”

Couric stated to Savannah that certain comments from her book, including one about Stewart, had gone viral.

She said that she didn’t believe the tone, the spirit, and the content of this book are like tabloid headlines. It is truthful, but it has a lot of praise for many, many people. I find myself being the most harsh on myself. It’s self-critical.”