“Gazprom” has decided to use regasification ship “Marshal Vasilevsky” originally designed for gas supply of Kaliningrad, to supply cargoes of liquefied natural gas under long-term contract with Indian Gail. On the night of 2 June, the tanker arrived at the Indian port Dahej. According to “Kommersant”, yet this single delivery, and in the future the ship can be used on other routes or attractive in the market. In General, “Gazprom” continues the practice of using “Marshal Vasilevsky” as a conventional LNG carrier that will at least partially restore the $295 million invested in its construction.Regasification vessel “Gazprom” “Marshal Vasilevsky” (170 thousand cubic meters) on the night of June 1, arrived at the Indian port Dahej, follows from the data portal Marinetraffic. The ship departed from the Belgian Zeebrugge on 5 may. Underlying this ship is LNG storage and regasification (Floating Storage and Regasification Unit, FSRU) and must be installed in the port of Kaliningrad, which will enable the region to up to 2.7 billion cubic meters of gas per year in the case of theoretical gas embargo on the part of Lithuania.As reported by “b” in “Gazprom export”, the carrier “Marshal Vasilevsky” have delivered the shipment of LNG to the regasification terminal Dahej under long-term contract between Gazprom and Indian Gail 2.5 million tonnes per year. “The situation with gas transit to Kaliningrad region via Belarus and Lithuania allows the carrier to operate according to their original purpose in the fleet of “Gazprom””,— added in the company.”Gazprom” sells gas to Gail, which buys the project of NOVATEK “Yamal LNG”. Under this contract, Gazprom Yamal LNG in the Belgian Zeebrugge.Further, the company depending on the situation will determine how best to use the ship — load their cargoes, or attractivity in the market, as Gazprom has already been reported previously. So, in August of 2019, “Gazprom” for a few months gave “Marshal Vasilevsky” rent Austrian OMV. Then FSRU has been chartered by trader Gunvor for LNG from the U.S. Sabine Pass terminal to the Spanish terminal in Huelva, and then went to Nigeria where the cargo transported in Bilbao.Another source “b” in the shipping industry says that the owners of the tankers try to avoid empty transitions, respectively, and return “Marshal Vasilevsky” to Europe depends, including whether it will be possible to find him a download with this flight. If not, then the ship can go to work in Asia, where spot freight rates is now higher.It is assumed that receiving terminal in Kaliningrad, launched in 2018, will receive LNG from the medium-tonnage LNG plant of Gazprom in the Baltic. The government is seeking full energy independence of the Kaliningrad case bordering Lithuania will block Tran��any the route of gas supplies to the region. For this reason, “inter RAO” and “Rosneftegaz” building in the region, three gas and one coal-fired power plants.Tatiana Woodpecker