“I’m here in ‘Ex on the beach’, because I game like will find love.”

Michael Summer, or ‘Taxes,’ as he was known as in the latest season of ‘Married at first sight’, is now back on tv in a new attempt to find his one and only.

It went, as you know, up and down – but mostly down – when he in the fall said yes to the Christina Arenholdt Nielsen in the DR program.

They went from each other, but remained married for a longer period of time. Christina was pregnant with their common child. But in the realization that they could not offer the child, what they wanted, they chose to interrupt the pregnancy.

the 28-year-old Michael Summer has since found love again in the jewellery designer Maria Kronholm.

But he had not yet, as the filming for ‘Ex on the beach’ took place. Therefore, it can be in next week’s section, which has already had its premiere at the Dplay, hear him say:

“Yes, it is me from ‘Married at first sight’. I was married earlier in the year. It went not. Now I’m divorced and single.”

Nothing, however, suggest that the reseterende participants in the ‘Ex on the beach’ haven’t seen the DRs popular datingprogram. They know not who Michael Summer, tells a few of the girls to the camera.

But it comes to. For Michael, Summer awakens quickly stir as a, if personal boundaries are different than the villa’s remaining residents.

Michael Summer doesn’t want to kiss with girls he is not attracted to or have feelings for.

Which amazes the other female participants, who are going to interview their new roommate, as with wandering eyes should take a position to all possible scenarios.

“I may as well be fresh on any thing, I just think the…”, he tries.

“I will not lick someone’s labia on the floor.”

But it is not enough for the girls, who continue their questions.

“So, if we assume that you have to lick me from here and here up to…” says one of the female residents and pointing from the ankle all the way up to my inner thigh, while another proclaims that ‘it is at least ten times in one evening’.

“perhaps It is easier,” says Michael Summer, while the girls in unison exclaimed:

“it’s easier than kissing!?”

“It is ill intimate to kiss, I think,” replies Michael the Summer before he will get again:

“It’s so much more intimate to lick up to ‘fiffi’, or to lick up to a dick than it is to kiss. Seems you seriously it?”

Hear the whole discussion in the clip above.