– Working on the script, studying the materials, talking with friends players series – with their parents, wives, brides, I realised that it was not only outstanding athletes, but great people, says Alenikov, Director, screenwriter and one of the producers of the picture. – By his personal qualities – the guys are amazing! They were killed on takeoff. Could become world Champions. And I think we found the right key to the story through the eyes and memory of those who knew them and loved. In particular, very helpful meeting with the fans, who were ready at any moment to dart off and go anywhere with your favorite team.

At the root of the project is also very remarkable man – the General producer paintings by Oleg Zharov, businessman, philanthropist. From the dilapidated village of Vyatka near Yaroslavl, he has created a wonderful historical and cultural complex. Vyatka is among the most beautiful villages in the world and now proudly wears the title of the most beautiful villages of Russia. He discovered there are unique museums: musical instruments, kitchen utensils, icons, business, printing business… a Few years ago I first visited there, we became friends, and then had the idea to remind the team of “locomotive” in the movie. Now the idea has matured and is being implemented.

From the synopsis it is clear that the team will be shown as if reflected light through the love of the fans, after some conflicts with loved ones.

mark sandrich Main characters – Yes, it’s the fans, the bride of the players, their surroundings. But the characters – of course, the players. I want to use a timeline – and this is the matches, training sessions, communication between players with the fans. The film will be designed in a manner similar to a documentary: not a legend, not a fairy tale invented anything – just real characters and their real stories. To the extent that scenes involving actors who portray the players will be filmed so that we won’t see individuals so that they could naturally connect with documentary footage.

In a nutshell – the essence of the story?

mark sandrich the Action takes place on the eve of this match, which will not take place, and on the day of the tragedy. All calculated literally by the hour. The heroes travel to Minsk and hot upcoming match, discuss the team, players, relatives, loved ones, up some episodes of the recent past, of history, associated with players.

Game highlights of the matches in the film will be?

mark sandrich Sure. But the emphasis on human qualities. You know that one of the leading players of the team Ivan Tkachenko sent to the accounts of children’s homes a very serious amount of money, anyone about this not to mention – it was revealed after his death. The guys all began, many gonALIS to get married… a lot of Material, not just regurgitate, but the most significant events of their lives will be included in the film.

At what stage is the project?

mark sandrich Rapidly getting ready to shoot. The finished casting was the choice of nature, we are working with artists on costumes, decorations… the Picture is complex: many objects, locations – but I believe that at the end of June will start shooting.

financing of the film involved the Ministry of culture?

mark sandrich because of the pandemic, we have not filed for grant competitions postponed. But as soon as all these procedures will resume submitting the document.

the disaster in the plot?

mark sandrich In the details we don’t care about the movie not about this, but will include the amazing power of the footage of the farewell ceremony at the stadium in Minsk, where was held the match. Opponents of “Locomotive”, the guys from the team “Dynamo”, symbolically threw the puck into his own net.

Casting, you said, is over – who will star?

mark sandrich agreed Irina Rozanova, Aleksey Guskov, Sergey Batalov, Anna Ukolova, Andrey Merzlikin, Nikita Volkov, Kirill Pletnev, as well as a lot of young actors, which will debut in cinema.

When do you expect to release the picture?

mark sandrich the Shooting will be finished at the end of August, and to complete the picture due to the end of the year, so that the audience could see in February and March, the tenth anniversary of the tragedy.

I see, Yaroslavl you have a special relationship: at theatre of a name Volkova you go from two performances…

mark sandrich Yes, last year came the Prime Minister – “Pushkiniana. Love and cards” with Love Kazarnovskaya in the title role – a symbiosis of drama, Opera, pantomime, cinema, the motives of “Eugene Onegin” and “Queen of spades”, Tchaikovsky’s music, Penderecki and the young composer Vitaly Baldych. And two years ago came out “the Girl for farewell” based on Neil Simon. And in Yaroslavl the aquarium is my production of “the little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen; it is attended together with the actors, whales, dolphins, seals and walruses.

And no one ate it?..

mark sandrich to Work with them a joy. Walrus Nastya, for example, cleverly plays the Queen of the Sea, good improvising, always something to invent.

what connects you with hockey?

mark sandrich to be honest, nothing. Yet, thanks to Oleg Zharov, I didn’t meet that deeply amazed me material. And the more I learned, the more fascinated.

In this sense you have had a good predecessor: Nikolay Lebedev also claimed that knows nothing about hockey, but has made the most successful film of the year – the “Legend № 17”. The road trodden – USP��ha you!

Alexei Guskov: I play in the movie coach children’s school. In scenario an unusual move: the story of the team coming from the point of view of the fans. It’s about how this team, a symbol of Yaroslavl, brings people together, the joy which brought the victories, the emotions were given – in this sense, the scenario for the course of selected unexpected, and it struck me as interesting. To remind people of this happy unity, in my opinion, it would be very important.