Marilyn Manson, rocker, sued Evan Rachel Wood, his ex-fiancee from “Westworld”, Wednesday for alleged sexual and physical abuse she suffered during their relationship.

According to the lawsuit, Wood’s allegations were falsified and she and Illma Gore, another defendant, used false pretenses, including a fake letter from FBI, to persuade other women to report sexual abuse claims and to coach them on how to talk about Manson (whose legal name is Brian Warner).

According to the lawsuit, Wood cast Manson publicly as a rapist, abuser, and a malicious lie that has hampered Warner’s success in music, TV and film.

Wood and Gore have yet to respond to the lawsuit. Representatives of Wood did not respond to an email seeking comment.

Manson and Wood admitted they were a couple in 2007. They were briefly engaged in 2010, but they broke up.

Wood testified to a Congressional committee that she was raped and abused in 2017. In an Instagram post, Wood called Manson in February 2020. She said that he had “horrifically abuse me for years.”

His record label dropped Manson. Similar allegations were made by several other women. At least three other women filed lawsuits. Manson was also investigated by police.

A HBO documentary about the allegations debuts March 15

According to the lawsuit, Wood only had glowing words about Manson in their relationship. She also said nothing about his abuse of her over 10 years, until she met Gore who is described as Wood’s romantic partner on-again and off-again.

It claimed that Wood and Gore conspired to “recruit, coordinate, and pressure prospective accusers to appear simultaneously with allegations of abuse against Warner.” They brazenly claim it took ten years or more to’realize their consensual relations with Warner were allegedly abusive.”

According to the lawsuit, the women feigned being FBI agents and forging a letter from one of them in order to give the false impression that Manson was threatening women and their families.

They provided scripts and checklists to potential accusers, explaining claims to be made and how they should be made.

As exhibits to the lawsuit, you will find copies of the letters and the lists.

The women also claimed to have hacked Manson’s phone, email and social media accounts. They created a fake email to show evidence that he was sending illegal pornography via email and then “swatted him” using a prank telephone call to draw attention to the claims and send authorities to Manson’s home.

According to the lawsuit, some women were not willing to participate in the survey because they were being asked for untrue statements.

Howard King, Manson’s attorney, stated in a statement that “this detailed complaint has been filed in order to stop a campaign deprecating Brian Warner.”

Wood has not filed any legal action against Manson. Manson’s ex-assistant Ashley Walters and Game of Thrones actor Esme Bianco have sued him for sexual abuse allegations.