Marianne Haeck (60) is located in Lokeren, the Reality of the quiz 1 free year has won the game. The annual salary of the highest earning applicant’s good for a geldpot of 70,000 euros, and plant them in a special trip to the dominican republic. “I just think of it as a delayed honeymoon.”

1 free year the experienced the Saturday evening and after four weeks of his final game. Three twenty-somethings, and one of four competed for the grand prize: Maty (21 years old from Gent, belgium), I am a 21 years old, from belgium (Gits), and Sara (26 years old from sint joost ten node), and Marianne (over 60 years old from the Midlands). After an exciting final showdown that came as the winner out of the bus. “I just fell out of the sky. I couldn’t believe I had won,” said Marianne. “It was a good time for the other candidates congratulated me, the fans in the audience, applaudisseerden and gold confetti at the bottom. Unreal.”
Engagement. Photo: “VRT

The bloemiste, that truck driver was given as a gift to the annual salary of the highest earning individual. This means that 70,000 euros could . “I’m a step closer to my dream. If orchideeënliefhebber would I have been to Ecuador to see the plants in their natural habitat to see them.” And her husband, Andre, do it. For 42 years they have been married. “I just think of it as a delayed honeymoon. In the past it was not honeymoon.”

Entered by a man.

Andre was the one who Marianne has signed up to take part in the familiequiz. “We continue to call st Thomas < / I> (Vanderveken, ed.) on tv, and thought it was something for me,” says Marianne. “The 4,200 to candidates enrolled in, eventually, there were sixteen of the pictures. That is, I that’s the way, it was a challenge in and of itself.”

The four finalists: in front of Sara, and I am behind them are Maty, and Engagement. Photo: “VRT

now, Andre, and their children, were as often as their schedules allowed in the studio. “I have had the support needed, which is a confirmation of that in the back of the seats. If I didn’t know, and I looked back. Then they put their thumbs up, and I was able to go.”

During the shoot, was for Marianne and her nerves are fortunately the curb. “In addition to the mind. We were always ready to get behind the wall, until we were, like gladiators in an arena. Once Thomas began to speak, the stress is mostly gone. Then, I began to focus on the game.”

the Least people, most of the points.

The quiz consisted of five rounds of play. The first three were multiple-choice questions that have been answered by the candidates, which is the lowest in the rankings were in place. The members had to assess who is the question, correct answer, and in that box is going to stand up. “I was not able to assess who is the question of what might be the answer. It’s been a real gokvragen. In most cases I can, in the least, there are. As I have tried, however, it has to deal with it.” A policy which is the fruit afwierp, and her first date.

Photos: VRT)

It’s a big party for her, a victory to celebrate, it was forced to be postponed. “I’m just waiting for the coronamalaise done,” said Marianne. “Then we can have a double celebration: the victory and the fact that we are all allowed outside and each other to cuddle.”

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