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last year, the first wife of the famous Russian actor Vladimir Mashkov, Elena Savchenko got married. However, this information she did not advertise. About marriage, the actress became known due to their Mashkov 35-year-old daughter Mary, who spoke about the changes in his personal life to his mother. And yesterday she first showed a new husband for his mother.

In the video the daughter of the actress, the 10-year and eight-year-old Stephanie Alexander, under his guidance signed the contract “about the limit on the use of gadgets”.

Younger Alexander was dissatisfied with the terms and refused to sign. Conditions while in compliance, but daily reminds that he was going to file a complaint in court to challenge the document

— joked Maria.

Wife of mother Maria called his “new dad” and wrote that he was a lawyer. 55-year-old Elena Savchenko two days ago also showed my husband. She published a joint picture — apparently, as time with the wedding.

Elena Savchenko husband

husband-N. P. wordy was not: “an affair with you, dear N. P., I have no time. An honest attempt at a serious relationship to make ready. Make up your mind”. N. P. Dare,

— she signed the.

it is Known that the wedding couple was held in November 2019 in the United States, where the husband Savchenko really works as a lawyer. As told by Maria Mashkova, who also lives in America, she was a witness to the wedding.

For Elena Savchenko this marriage became the third. She also has two sons from his second marriage: a 20-year-old Nikita and 17-year-old Vsevolod. But her first husband Vladimir Mashkov married for the fourth time. The only daughter of the ex-spouse for almost 11 years happily married to musician Alexander Slobodyanik, Jr.

Maria Mashkova
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