In pandemic coronavirus difficult to find the pros. Especially against the background of thousands of dead citizens and tens of thousands of businesses closed down. But if you stick with optimism, then some nice insights still there. A recent study of the University showed that in Russia 575 of independent theatres, which refer to the works of Chekhov, Pushkin, Andersen, Perrault and Dostoevsky. But they run the risk of disappearing from the cultural map of the country without state support, which seems to only now find out about them, and supporters, listing “penny” to rescue the private sector.

“For us, a great discovery was that theatres are not 668. Usually that is the figure cited as an example when talking about the state theatres. Since 1991 they are almost two times more, including independent,” – said the rector of the University Grigory Zaslavsky.

According to a recent study of the “Laboratory of the future of the theatre” in Russia, there are 575 private theaters with an extensive repertoire. 40% of them are concentrated in Moscow. Sociologists have counted 4000 kinds of performances and 865 genres. “Drama, Comedy and musical performance is very corny. Sometimes theatres prescribe yourself the most unique way. For example, “latent slapstick and a concert with the accordion in the form of a parody on the modern cult of role playing games in sexual relationships,”” says the curator of research Oleg Ivanov. And materials for productions more than familiar and understandable to a wide audience. Among the names – Chekhov, Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, Andersen, Perrault, Gogol and Shakespeare.

of Course, such data are interesting to look under a project infographic. But the real figures in particular cases of force likely to cry than to be surprised. One of the most striking examples – “Kolyada-Theatre”, which three months ago announced the closure due to the complete lack of money.

“We closed on March 27. But this time I get the money on the card. Now I have 400 thousand. So tomorrow the 1st of July. That is, I have to pay people money. I’m in the theater 65. From them 38 actors. What can I give? Well, at 5-7 thousand will succeed,” – said the art Director of theatre Nikolay Kolyada.

one of his artists went to Moscow to work with covenyi sick, someone got to the delivery service. “I’m sitting here and complain, but thanks to pandemic for private theatres finally noticed,” says Carol.

Another giant independent theatre producer Elshan Mamedov confirmed that the private sector won’t open in September under any circumstances. “We will not be able to do in a chess style, because it is unprofitable. In order to reopen in such a situation we need very serious action by the authorities. For example, the revision of the price of renting. Because they are going through the roof. In the last two years arweekend in Moscow is appalling! I, as a theatre person, against the half-empty hall,” says Mammadov.

the Private sector has always existed in isolation, but in the current situation good any help. As an option – the establishment of the Association of independent theatre or Guild theatre producers. The main Director of theatre “the Quartet And” Sergei Petreikov, for example, are not against such a Union, although specific arguments “for” it either. “I don’t mind if it [the Association] is a good lobby with a good result. But people should really be able to do it,” says Petrakov.

In General, the Director commended the state of the theatre in cavigny period. “The Quartet And” calmly survive with the existing money until September. “But the pandemic has helped us to write a new play, – says Sergey. – While there is 100 pages of text. Going from that to choose. I hope next season to produce a new play”.

Elshan Mammadov also not against professional organizations, for example, to solve some global issues. But his personal experience predicts rather poor outcome: “For 30 years I have been attempting to create a Guild of theatre producers. We even gathered a dozen people, but at the second meeting, no one came. Although I was ready to Charter”.

However, Nikolai Kolyada not share the optimism of colleagues. “I don’t like all associations, unions and parties. As a Soviet person, I ate this much. I better one.”