Aveny-T in copenhagen has been a Danish cultural institution for more than 100 years, and actors like Dirch Passer, Malene Schwartz, Mads Mikkelsen and Nikolaj Lie Kaas has all turned their folds in Frederiksberg-stage.

But at the moment is the future of Aveny-T to say the least, uncertain.

“There is a lot at stake here, it is the theatre’s survival, but right now we play on, although the ship is about to sink,” says ceo Jon Stephensen.

He refers to the samples, the theatre is currently in progress with the advance of the large-scale theatre concert based on C. V. Jørgensen’s songs, after the plan has premiere 1. may.

Jon Stephensen, who also previously created a number of teaterkoncerter, has for nine years been trying to get the rights to make a concert with the C. V. Jørgensen’s songs – and the project is also one of the theatre’s most expensive ever.

So much the more turmoil in the stomach right now.

“It is such a spectacle that should play a small 9-10 million, and that is a lot of money. All are contract staff, so if I send them home or not, I pay the salary for the 22. June,” explains Jon Stephensen.

Right now rehearses the cast together over the now familiar tool Zoom, and from teaterdirektørens page is there right now also only one way forward; that the show can go in the air on the first of may. As it looks now, goods forsamlingsforbuddet to and with the 13. april, and the theatre director very much hope that the date cannot be pushed further out in the future.

“I bet on, it becomes something, but I would be naive if I did not recognize that it can be to plan B. But right now there is only plan A,” says Jon Stephensen.

theatre director, however, it was ambivalent to grumble too much. This week was the country’s minister of culture, Joy Mogensen, criticized from several sides, after she in an interview in Berlingske said:

“I would perceive it as inappropriate, if I stood and talked about the culture right now.”

Jon Stephensen believes that cultural institutions need the kind of opinions right now – on the other hand he will, however, not even the ‘flæbe, he says.

“I can be ashamed of myself completely on my own behalf, if I start to whine, for the situation globally is too serious for one’s own small shop in this context, the need to fill up too much,” says Jon Stephensen and adds:

“But it is not the same, as that it is not serious. Gu’ is it. I are every day affected, and I wake up every day and think: Where do I find the money, if we can’t play?”

And even if he doesn’t want to whine, so will Jon Stephensen, however, like to underline the seriousness.

“If we can not play, so must our billettab be covered – otherwise we are finished.”