With a Machete and an axe attacked a mentally ill man early Tuesday morning in Augsburg, passers-by and a 28-Year-old injured. The victim got out with a Machete and a blow to the head. According to police, the man was taken with moderate injuries in the Augsburg University hospital.

attackers smashed Windows of the Bus and the car

The 27-year-old offender had initially crushed just before 4.00 PM with the axe in the windshield of a bus. In the Bus driver of the Augsburg transport Association, which should be brought to an early shift sat. The driver of the bus managed to drive away and called the police.

Even before the officers arrived, stopped the 27-year-old Tunisian, a car driver, and smashed two panes of your car. As the 28-year-old local resident, the woman came to the aid of a hit the attacker with the Machete on him. Nevertheless, the 28-Year-old was able to stop the man from further attacks. After that, the 27-Year-old police officer was arrested.

SEK searched an apartment in Augsburg Univiertel

– use As the Background of his actions was unclear, admitted to the police after arrest, in part, a residential complex in Augsburg Univiertel and searched the apartment of the Suspect. For this purpose, a special has been requested operations command (SEK). “We went on the safe side, that’s why the apartment was searched with the special forces,” said spokesman Michael Jakob from the Augsburg police headquarters. Evidence of a further risk to the public would not have arisen but.

The investigation showed later that the Suspect is mentally ill. He was placed on the order of the detention judge on suspicion of attempted manslaughter and other offenses in a specialist clinic. It must be presumed that the Accused had committed the acts in a state of insanity or at least of diminished responsibility, said Jacob. Mouth protection, prey protection, Wuhan-Tool: these are the best life hacks for the Corona-crisis FOCUS Online/Wochit mouth protection, prey protection, Wuhan-Tool: these are the best life hacks for the Corona-crisis