Grocery network “the Magnet” attracted just the five top managers of the clothing marketplace Lamoda, led by Florian Jansen. He will assume the position of Executive Director and will become one of three Deputy General Director of “Magnet” by Jan Dunning.On a new appointment in “Magnet” reported the press service of the retailer. Florian Jansen in addition to retail, the company joined the former heads of Lamoda: Director of transformation Paul rogovskoye, Director of Analytics and data management Fabin Schaefer, Director for information technologies Valentin Shields and Director for innovative development and partnership of Paul eagles.”Consolidation of management functions that underpin any modern retailer, in the hands of Florian Jansen will “Magnet” to undergo a digital transformation as efficiently and controlled”,— reported in a press release.In 2011, Florian Jansen, together with partners Niels Tonsina, Dominik Picker and Burkhard Binder founded the online platform specializing in selling clothing, shoes and accessories Lamoda. In March 2018, he took over as Executive Director of the company on 30 April, “Kommersant” reported that Mr. Jansen will leave the company.2019 he also heads the Committee on the strategy of “Magnet”, and also serves on the Board of Directors of FMCG retailers as independent non-Executive Director.”Magnet” first time in several years able to overtake the rate of growth in quarterly revenue of the nearest competitor X5 Retail Group, it was also reported on 30 April. The performance of companies increased by 18.5% and 15.6%, respectively. A “Magnet” associated with a dynamics record from the end of 2016 traffic growth of 4% and an increase in comparable average ticket, which influenced the purchase for future use on the background COVID-19.Nikita Sharenkov