Macron extended the restrictions in connection with the coronavirus

The President of France Emmanuel macron in a televised address, announced the extension of measures to restrict movements in the country until may 11.

“the Hope is back, but (the region) Grad-est, as well as in Ile-de-France, the hospitals are full. And therefore we must continue our efforts to apply the rules. Therefore, measures at the lockdown will continue until Monday, may 11”, – transfers its words of RIA “news”.

During the next four weeks, he said, introduced restrictive measures “must be maintained, not be strengthened and not weakened”.

In the country were closed cafes, restaurants, cinemas, stores, shops. From March 17, severely restricted the movement of people.

Macron added that cafes, restaurants, cinemas and theatres in France will remain closed and after may 11, but since may 11, will open kindergartens, schools and lyceums. He added that the rules of isolation mode should be executed, they will be neither strengthened nor weakened.

According to Macron, the epidemic of coronavirus in France begins to slow down.

While mass events will be held in the country until at least mid-July, reports TASS.

“Until further notice our borders with non-European countries will remain closed”, he said.

Meanwhile, the number of victims of coronavirus in France for a day has increased by 574 to $ 14 thousand 967 people. This was announced by the General Directorate of health of the country.

“In hospitals from the first of March died on 9 thousand 588 persons. In the social and medico-social (institutions) during the same period from СOVID-19 died on 5 thousand 379 people. In total we mourn 14 967 thousand deaths,” – said in a communique.

The total number of people infected with coronavirus in France is 98 76 thousand, which is 2 thousand 673 cases of the disease more than on Sunday. In hospitals are more than 32 thousand people, 6 thousand 821 people is in intensive care. Fifth day in a row, the number of patients in the intensive care unit decreases.

“Thus, the dynamics observed in recent days seems to be confirmed: the impact of the epidemic is significant, and France is currently in the phase of “a high plateau”. The Ministry of solidarity and of health reminds you that you must comply with barrier measures, measures of physical and social distancing and isolation,” – said in a communique.

Yesterday it was reported that in the world from the coronavirus died almost 106 thousand people.