Relations between Ankara and Paris deteriorated sharply. The French President Makron accused Turkey of “dangerous game” in Libya and said on the naval incident in which Turkish frigate they took aim at the French warship. Against this background, the Turks arrested four French spies. What consequences will bring a new row between the NATO allies?

The President of France Emmanuel macron once again stated “brain dead NATO.” The reason for this was the recent incident off the coast of Libya, when the Turkish frigate has refused to implement the decree on the inspection of cargo from a French frigate taking part in NATO operation Sea Guardian.

Evading inspection, the Turks took aim at a French warship with radar systems, missile guidance, which in Paris is regarded as “extremely hostile and aggressive actions”.

“I return you to my allegations late last year about the “death of the brain NATO.” I believe that the recent incident demonstrates this clearly,” stressed macron, and added that Turkey’s behaviour is incompatible with its status as a NATO member.

In addition, macron told the Turkish President that Turkey has had in Libya a “dangerous game” and violated all the obligations at the end of “the Berlin conference”. This statement was a response to the support of Tayyip Erdogan to the Libyan national consensus Government (NTC), Reuters reports.

The answer from Ankara was not long in coming. As reported by the Daily newspaper Sabah, Turkish authorities detained four people on suspicion of political and military espionage in favor of France. According to the newspaper, the suspects had gathered information on a number of organizations (including religious and terrorist) and transferred the data 120 Turkish citizens to the French authorities.

Thus the contradictions between France and Turkey continued to grow after the November 2019 macron put NATO and the diagnosis of “brain death”. According to him, this has led to the loss of coordination within the Alliance and to “inconsistent aggressive actions of Turkey.”

According to the expert club “Valdai”, Professor of the St. Petersburg state University Stanislav Tkachenko, Turkey within NATO is really acting unconstructive, coming into conflict with the allies. “The behavior of Ankara may jeopardize the entire Alliance and European security, which is very worrying Makron, because it is the largest military force on the European continent,” – said Tkachenko newspaper VIEW.

Against this background, Erdogan, because of their own electoral and strategic considerations, holds not fit in with the modern standards policies in the Eastern Mediterranean. “Turkey is clearly counting on military victory in Libya, wanting to create if not a puppet, it is managed from Ankara GOV’t��tion. Erdogan wants to increase its influence in the Arab world, but behaves aggressively, as the conqueror,” explained the source.

“At the same time, the Macron is not very clear the nature of the relationship between Turkey and Russia, as Moscow calls on all parties to the Libyan conflict to negotiate among themselves, but sympathetic to the opponents of Erdogan. As for the US position – the point of view of the trump can change eight times a day. I think before the election it will not be clear to the Libyan issue,” – suggested the expert.

“But his word has not said Italy, which has historically been considered the main specialist in Europe via Libya. I would be watching Rome and Paris, which are unlikely to defy the will of Washington in this matter,” – says the analyst.

The relations between Turkey and France have a long and ambiguous history, said the General Director of the Russian international Affairs Council (RIAC) Andrei Kortunov.

“Traditionally, many centuries ago, the kings of France acted as allies of the Ottoman sultans. And many politicians, starting with cardinal Richelieu, relied on the support of High Ports. But now the situation has changed,” said Kortunov.

“In addition to Libya between France and Turkey there are other conflicts. First, Paris is skeptical about Turkey’s accession to the EU. Because of this, Turks take offense to the French, and the French have big disagreements with the Germans. The annoyance of this problem is still present”, – said the analyst.

“second, there are complex issues relating to the Mediterranean. For example, France has a longstanding relationship with Egypt, but Ankara is quite acute in conflict with Cairo. There are also differences on Syria, Gaza and refugees. But all these differences have their limits, and Paris is not interested to aggravate the relationship even stronger,” says Kortunov.

A different position is held RIAC expert, Arabist Grigoriy Lukyanov. According to him, France has consistently, albeit quietly, “assisting the Libyan national army, led by Haftarot”.

“In Libya there are military advisers and forces French special forces are working in coordination coming from Chad and Sudan mercenaries. In addition, Paris is very thin blocks work on Libya at the level of the UN Security Council, creating a political umbrella for the Haftarot,” – said the expert.

“Yes, previously, France did not let myself open prohodcheskih statements. But macron met with Haftarot and his representatives, therefore, the Paris sympathetic to the opponents of Erdogan in this conflict,” – said Lukyanov.

“But for NATO the situation is extremely unpleasant,” – said the Professor of Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Gevorg mirzayan. – Similar to CreeZIS happened, when the strained relations between Turkey and Greece. And even if all disagreements to settle is not reviving “the brain of NATO.”

“However, I do not believe in the ability of the Macron and the European Union to cope with external threats, one of which is Turkey. If the French President will go to action against Ankara – we will be surprised. But, most likely, the Makron will sink in the coordination of their actions with Brussels and Washington, but Erdogan understands only force”, – concluded mirzan.