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An emergency meeting of OPEC countries+ scheduled for April 9, which will be held in format of teleconference – the center of attention of market players all over the world. The stakes are high: either the States together fail to agree on the reduction of production volumes of "black gold", or the barrel will fall to record low levels, bringing the economies of producing countries, and so lying on the side of the pandemic, a new untold disaster. A lot depends on participation in the dialogue States that have not previously been aside from cutting production. According to preliminary data, the consent to capacity limitation gave Norway, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Mexico, and Canada and the United States. However, the participation of the two countries in remote negotiations are not officially confirmed.
Over the past day the number of cases of infection with coronavirus in Brazil grew by 1089, exceeding 20 thousand
Negotiators OPEC+ reduction of oil production has failed to put the final point in the agreement because of the position of Mexico. The Minister of energy this country Nele Rocio Garcia - the only one who refused the offer of quotas to reduce production to maintain the price of a barrel. In the result, it was decided to continue negotiations on Friday, April 10.
The Prosecutor's office of the state of Rio de Janeiro appealed to the court to impose on the Federal government a fine of 20 thousand dollars. The reason was demonstrative walk of the President of Brazil Jaira of Bolsonaro in the midst of a campaign to combat coronavirus
In the favelas of Rio de Janeiro recorded the first case of infection by new type of coronavirus. Another 63 people are quarantined. Authorities fear that the situation with the disease COVID-19 in the poorest areas of the city can get out of control
In Europe, ended the season with the traditional carnival, which is jokingly referred to as "the fifth season". Not without scandals: some need to reconsider the acceptable "dress code" for holiday, others lament that political correctness erodes laugh culture, which was so proud of Europe
Carnival in Brazil are looking forward to it and preparing for it all year. However, in recent years, as noted by some Brazilians, it has changed a lot. Every day in the crime reports there are news about accidents in places of carnival festivities

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