With the expert help found Cecilia and Peter in Tuesday’s episode of ‘Luksusfælden’ a solution to their big problem: To find money for their daughter’s vuggestueplads.

In the day pay the for the now nine-month-old luna’s care. But it is money right out the window, they tell.

Like most other danes marks the namely the impact of the corona-onset. Right now they are paying the so to a crèche, as the daughter can not come in because of the crisis.

General marks, the pair also corona-the eruption quite clearly on their already tight economy.

Peter is also – temporarily – been fired from his workplace, which is closed under the corona-crisis.

“It means that we have something less paid. I have my a-box, but of course we can feel it,” he says.

The current situation is in many ways a bump on the couple’s way out of the debt, but instead to go for a quick solution with a payday loan, the pair has acted in a way that will probably make experts proud.

They have gripped the pipe and confronted the bank with the problems in the economy, and the bank has said yes to put debt repayment on hold for a while.

“We have been good to get a handle on it in good time. We knew already in the beginning of the corona-the crisis, that it would cost. It is lucky, the bank would go along with it,” says Cecilia.

the Pair is also comforting, and the expectation is that it all enough to go.

While the country is more or less during shutdown, they spent a lot of time together in the home. A home, which, thankfully, is a lot bigger than what they lived in during the filming.

They are thus gone from the to bo pinched at 36 to have four rooms spread over 89 square meters. And it means the world for them:

“We feel the difference quite wild. It is really nice with more space, and that our daughter can play and be on the floor,” says Cecilia before Peter breaks into:

“She crawls around all the sites.”

He emphasizes that he, although the program appears as if he must choose between his car and his daughter, will always put her daughter at the most.

And the pair of the dream as also to give her some siblings. At a time. First, the debt, however, just be out of the world.

As it stands now, lacks the to pay off the four loans, but it should probably get done thanks to the experts ‘ help.

“We would like to thank the experts for, that we can now find head and tail in our budget. It has strengthened our relationship,” says Cecilia.

Also, Peter is grateful for the assistance, the experts have given them. Even if he think they went a little hard for him, says with a laugh, before Cecilia depositor:

“It is not at all so sure, as it appears in the program.”

as soon As the corona-the crisis is over, Peter return to his job as a cook, and Cecilia could resume its tjeneruddannelse. She is missing one year and four months of training, but as she said:

“It’s just about a little. And then we have more room for manoeuvre.”

The scope to be used on several children, a house and travel, sounds dreamy from the pair.

And the dreams must be carried out together, out the.