payday Loans. Consumer loans. Car loans. Retail lending. Debt to the Tax. 19-year-old Cecilia and the 31-year-old Peter owes money to God and each man. Or it will say: It does Peter.

In total, owes the pair 360.000 dkk in 16 loans to the 13 creditors. Result, Cecilia behind one loan. She owes 19.000 dollars to one creditor. The rest is Peter behind.

“If we just need to do the board up, so we started with to say, have had a total income of 30.400 dollars per month. And when we pull all your expenses, you have had a overbrug of 5,700 dollars,” notes Kenneth Hansen, when he along with his expert Mette Reissmann stand in front of the couple’s budget.

He has just praised Peter for having used the 8900 dollars a month to pay his debt.

“The only reason that there can be so many money on the post, is that In the recorded debt.

Only the recent years have been loans for the 76,000 kronor, which is equivalent to 6300 dollars per month.

“fourteen days ago, you choose to take out a new payday loan of 4600 dollars. How can it in any way be a good solution? How have you convinced yourself that it was what you had to do – to take a new payday loan?” says the uncomprehending from ‘Luksusfælden’-the expert.

He is looking directly Peter, that correspond:

“It was the only way out I could see. Otherwise, I had no idea how the hell I was going to find the money,”

Luna stands by Peter’s side and expresses concern for the situation.

Together, the couple has a three-month-old daughter, but for the present they have not even afford to send her to nursery. And this is despite the fact that the little family is living on only 36 square meters.

How the pair goes, you can see in Tuesday’s episode of ‘Luksusfælden’ on Viaplay and on TV3 at 20.