every year, the company explained, in connection with seasonal increase in demand for household products there is a need for additional robust, dexterous hands of young specialists and workers. Therefore, in may – August a few hundred students of universities and colleges in the capital and other regions of Belarus to join in the labor process of the team.

Recalling his student days, Alyaksandr Lukashenka told how he learned in those years to efficiently carry out the laying. But especially he remembered in reclamation work unit: until now, he remembers all the technology. And “earned then a lot,” admitted the Belarusian leader. The amount at the time – solid, if converted into currency, you get about $300.

the money the future President was able to fully equip yourself to the beginning of the school year. “I clothed books even bought” – he listed their costs, explaining that a lot of money in the family, because his mother worked as a milkmaid soldier, never was. Because working in student brigades, Lukashenko tried to earn money in order to provide for themselves.

by the Way, the President advised the Belarusians when making purchases to give preference to goods and domestic production. The fact that the President is asked if he uses home appliances “Atlant”. In response, he admitted that he himself certainly does not selection of home appliances, but it also has a washing machine “Atlant”, which is working properly and no repairs. “I’m very devoted to his state and people person – said Lukashenko. – I am in favour of refrigerators, washing machines were from our plant, “Atlant”, very proud of this production and has long been, for several decades, is familiar with her.”

Drew the attention of the President and is a significant advantage of domestic product, as warranty service. This applies to both home appliances, and more complicated, agricultural, cars. Previously had difficulties with their service, but to the extent that it increases the localisation of production and parts are manufactured in Belarus, these issues are addressed, concluded the President.