Modern army of the Republic of Belarus, he stressed, “is equipped with modern weapons. In the troops received new models of aviation, missile and artillery, armored vehicles, automotive equipment and communications equipment, including domestic production.”

the Maintenance of combat capability of the armed forces, according to the President, is especially important in the conditions of intensifying global contradictions when growing military escalation, devalued the role of international organizations, including the UN and the OSCE. Drew the attention of the head of state and the continuing attempts by individual States to rewrite history, to disparage the significance of the great Victory for the fate of humanity.

In this situation the task of the army and special operations forces, according to the Supreme commander of the Republic of Belarus, is – first and foremost – protection of the Fatherland, the maintenance of stability and harmony in society. “Here is my order – said the President. – Do everything you can to protect the sovereignty and ensure the safety of our state”.

He reminded the participants of the meeting and the updated military doctrine of the country, which was aligned with the modern challenges. “Once again: the front of the front not going to fight, no war. This is a local war. And hybrid war,” – said Lukashenko.

the leadership of the country, the President takes “measures to further increase the prestige of military service.” He said that for young people who have served, are provided with social benefits and advantages. “And in this regard we will undertake all permitting economy”, – assured the head of state.