the annual event, state the analysts, attended by over 2.5 thousand people from across the country. Traditionally attended by the members of both houses of Parliament, senior officials of the country, government members, heads of state bodies and local authorities. Also invited representatives of public associations and religious confessions, the diplomatic corps and international organizations, heads of banks, universities, media.

while Assessing a country path, Lukashenko recalled that, in asserting an independent development path, the Republic passed through isolation and sanctions, and in hard time “has become a donor of security for the European house”. Stressing that RB is not on friendly terms with someone against someone, “and follows a multidirectional and predictable foreign policy,” the Belarusian leader drew attention to the fact that in the modern world of trade conflicts spill over into political and military plane, become a factor in the development of internal instability in individual countries.

as an example, he referred to the situation in the United States, which, according to him, has entered a period of constant protest of turbulence, and broke out in China’s Hong Kong, a number have been actively rearm Taiwan. The contradictions, the message says, in the region of the South China sea, where vast reserves of oil and gas. Flashed the Indian-Chinese border. To protect itself, China had to strengthen its military construction. Sparkled on the border between India and Pakistan – countries with nuclear weapons, said the head of state.

the Burning pockets of instability, said Lukashenko, remain in North Africa, the middle East. “Whipped up passions against Iran, Venezuela, Syria, and other countries, allowing himself an independent, freedom-loving policy.” And in the post-Soviet space, unfortunately, was forced to admit the Belarusian leader for decades “can resolve a lot of the old conflicts: Transnistria, Caucasus tangle of contradictions, the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. What’s more, received more and Ukraine”.

In life of each state, according to the President, and the world at large sometimes events happen, an unprecedented influence on the course of history. “The year 2020 from its inception has been filled with a succession of such events. And today they give us a reason to declare the uncontested role of a strong state in the life of the nation.” Hundreds of thousands of lives across the globe, said the speaker, “claimed the pandemic, collapsed oil prices, returned the global economic crisis, the world faced a wave of protests and armed conflicts, started to crumble the European Union. “And this is only the beginning,” he warned.

on the other hand, said the head of Belarus, “stepHB interdependence among States has been growing steadily. Global challenges and threats affect absolutely all States without exception. Even if the nature of their occurrence and the causes originated thousands of kilometers away from the Belarusian border.”

In this connection, he drew attention to the fact that Belarus, being in the heart of Europe, is a full-fledged participant of international processes. The country enjoys strong economic and trade threads with all regions of the world. “That’s why the current situation we have to consider in the context of international relations – said the President. – It is clear to us that the world is becoming more unstable and unpredictable. How – no one today can predict can’t. Fundamental contradictions between States and blocks accumulated over the last decades, transformed into acute conflict phase. For the last time finally, none of the major international problems had not been resolved”.