Although the risk of large scale conflicts and the participation of Belarus, according to military experts, the current minimum, any war, according to Alexander Lukashenko, “now start with street protests, demonstrations, Maidan”. It is this aspect of disruptive incidents drew the attention of the President of Belarus, speaking on July 24 before a group of 5th separate special purpose brigade in Maryina Gorka, reports his press-service. He recalled that it was in a number of countries, including Libya, Iraq, and Syria.

“When I had to decide which Armed Forces we need, especially after 2010, I realized that I need to have trained fighters. It is undesirable, of course, so we had to resort to the Armed Forces. But anything can happen” – does not preclude Lukashenko, citing as an example the situation in the United States.

He noticed that the White house had in some States to withdraw the army to the street. “What is happening today in the United States, first, in a world nobody expected. Secondly, it is a severe disaster for the whole world. If the President will sustain this pressure, it will be a good sign for us. Because if you bend over, and God forbid, will collapse the Empire, peace will be hard times,” believes the Belarusian leader.

Speaking of the military units in Maryina Gorka and the capital’s night sky, he noticed that they are well prepared, including, “to prevent escalation in the country”.

traditionally, the President requested the Secretary of the security Council Andrei Ravkov to remind the participants about the provisions of the updated Military doctrine, taking into account the features of modern wars and conflicts. “We are three or four times modernized Armed Forces, adapting them to the conduct of war under modern conditions. And in 2018, we adopted a new Military doctrine. It defines how and what wars we wage, if suddenly we have to defend our homeland,” said the Supreme commander.

In turn, the Secretary of the security Council made clear that in the modern conditions of war, usually begins “with internal armed conflicts, color revolutions may be inspired from the outside.” Therefore, Ravkov said, “we have to be constantly ready.” By the way, his conclusions were fully shared by the head of state, say local observers.