the Situation in the Belarusian economy requires, according to the President, easing of the country’s financial policy. This task Alexander Lukashenko has set June 19 the meeting on measures to support the real sector of the economy by the banking system, reports his press-service.

Assuring the participants of the dialogue in reality overcome the current difficulties, the President has put forward a strategic one, according to him, the future of lending to the economy. “Next year we need to grow the global average rate,” – he stressed.

Analyzing the financial situation, its head reminded, in particular, that the last five years, the country pursued a “tight monetary and exchange rate policies. Accumulated certain reserves and balances budget. Always knew it – for a rainy day”. Now is the time to ask the question: did he come in the country this rainy day?

the fact, explained their point of view Lukashenko that “we do not know how to lead the world economy upon which we depend”. “Everything is globalized, all linked”, – stated the head of the Republic of Belarus, citing as an example the situation in the USA, Europe, unstable situation in the Asian region. “It’s clear that we need certain support measures. Clearly we need to ask steady trend toward the easing of financial policy”, – concluded the Belarusian leader.

by the Way, he drew attention to the need for the use of all tools for the replenishment of resource base of banks: Deposit auctions of the Ministry of Finance, the easing of reserve requirements of national Bank to maintain liquidity, net profit of the banking system. The President has focused on ensuring the continued growth of lending to the economy. “Please do not clamp these conditions,” – said Lukashenko, addressing the gathering.

in addition, he directed the financial regulator to reduce the refinancing rate, Recalling in this regard that he and the Prime Minister are responsible for income growth and cost containment. “And today Chairman of the national Bank and is the chief assistant to the Prime Minister on salary payment and working companies,” he added.

All countries to actively reduce these rates, trying to revive their economies, he explained the logic of his proposal Lukashenko. The consumer price index, he said, the parameters of the forecast socio-economic development of the country, so the cost of Bank credit it is necessary to reduce actively. “We are waiting for decisions of the government and the national Bank, without delay, to the end of June”, set the task of the head of state.