Lukashenko has promised to hold fair presidential election

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the upcoming presidential elections will be absolutely fair and decent. He said this on Sunday during a visit to Easter Holy Annunciation Lazenskeho temple 45 km from Minsk.

"Let us speak frankly: because our Constitution is still the President of our country much depends. And I will openly and honestly talk about the policy, which will continue to be offered under the current regime, – said Lukashenko, quoted by the Agency "Learned". – And who is right and who is wrong will become clear after literally four or five months, when you decide who will you lead, what would your power".

He added that no one over Belarus dominate, they themselves will solve everything.

"But I guarantee you that the next elections in our country will be absolutely fair and square", – said Lukashenko.

According to him, the authorities are honest will to talk to citizens "on how to develop the country and how to develop".

The next presidential elections in Belarus should take place no later than 30 August of the current year. Lukashenko earlier said he plans to run again for the presidency.

Quarantine in Belarus because of the pandemic coronavirus were not introduced. According to Ministry of health on April 17, in the Republic was registered 4 779 people with coronavirus infection. According to the Minister of health Vladimir Carnica, the peak incidence in the country will be at the end of April – beginning of may. The country is preparing for the parade on the occasion of Victory Day. In early April the head of state said that he sees no reason for postponing the presidential elections.